Ansa McAl launches over 50 new products


The massive Trinidadian rooted, Ansa McAl, goods’ distribution company on Monday morning introduced over 50 new products from five different brands which seeks to help Guyana strive towards achieving its green economy while giving locals a taste of healthy and delicious snacks.

The products range from biscuits to coffees and even biodegradable items which the company says is the mere tip of the iceberg of what’s to come next.

Head of the Business Unit, Food and Consumer Goods, Anjeta Hinds, shared a few of the products which are now available at leading supermarkets.

She said, “You need to pick up Butter Kiss biscuits, or Pozuelo cookies or you need to try Juan Valdez coffee and you need to put it in your biodegradable hot pack paper cups and things of that nature. We also do have Pam’s Sardines. Pam’s Sardines are from the Connors Group of Companies, they are the leading manufacturers and distributors across sardines and tuna”.

Head of the Business Unit, Food and Consumer Goods, Anjeta Hinds

Hinds added that a host of biodegradable items such as foil wraps, reusable plastic products and reusable paper products will now be distributed across Guyana, at “unmatched” and “unbeatable prices”.

According to her, the products are all healthy choices for both children and adults who are looking to keep their calorie and sugar intake low.

“We know that everybody is becoming a little bit more health conscious. They’re looking at calorie count, they’re looking at sugar content across the different snacks and there’s nothing on this table that has an ultra-high, send your child into hyper-drive sugar content and or calorie count…we do have healthier options,” she assured.

It was pointed out that the agency will strive to ensure the product reaches all corners of Guyana so that every local can have a taste of quality as well as access safer products that are better for the environment.

The biodegradable products is one which has already been welcomed by many retailers and patrons as even the Government is seeking to do away with plastic.

In fact Minister of State, Joseph Harmon at a post-Cabinet press conference last April, said ending of the use of plastic bags across Guyana is on the Government’s agenda. He explained that plastic is a problem across the world and Guyana, for its part, was not exempted from the consequences of this pollution.

Providing a timeline, Harmon was optimistic that the ban could be pulled off by the year 2021.


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