Another Guyanese arrested in Suriname over deadly pirate attacks


Another Guyanese was reportedly arrested for the brutal killings during the deadly pirate attacks in Suriname waters.

Based on information received, the suspect, “Bolo,” a popular fisherman on the Corentyne, was arrested by Surinamese lawmen over the weekend.

His arrest comes days Nakool Manohar, 39, called “Fyah”, was arraigned for the murder of Tilacknauth Mohabir, called “Caiman,” one of the men murdered in the pirate attacks.

Accused: Nakool Manohar

Two weeks ago, “Killerman”, who was fingered in the murder of Guyanese businessman Somnath Monohar, was arrested after an informant provided information to the Police, and he remains in custody as investigations continue into the incidents.

Monohar was killed on March 30 while he and a colleague were standing in front of a relative’s home.

However, prior to his arrest, Premcharan Ravikan, a Surinamese Police Auxiliary Agent, was found dead hours after he had allegedly been kidnapped by Guyanese. He was reportedly stabbed five times and shot once. His throat was also slit, and a single bullet wound was evident on his abdomen. It was later reported that he had been connected to the shooting death of Somnath Monohar. He reportedly had provided the weapon that was used to execute the businessman.

Reported mastermind in pirate attack: ‘Crackhead’

To date, “Crackhead” has confessed to killing five of the Guyanese fishermen and disposing of their bodies by throwing them overboard.

Upon his arrest, he reportedly told Police that he was following orders, which were to attack the boat and “get rid” of the occupants.

Five of the men survived the attacks, which occurred between April 26 and May 2. Four bodies were recovered but 11 persons are still missing.

Meanwhile, several persons remain in custody for the heinous murders.


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