Another daring attack in Corentyne – businesswoman beaten, robbed


Two armed bandits on Monday evening beat and robbed a Corentyne businesswoman, taking hundreds of thousands in cash and valuables.
The incident occurred about 18:35h.

Reports are that two masked men – one armed with a cutlass and the other with a gun –pounced on businesswoman Savitry Jagnandand, 44, at Number 72 Village, Corentyne, and demanded cash. INews was told that at the time of the incident, Jagnandand was in a hammock with her son.

robberyThe men, after entering the yard, immediately started demanding valuables. The intruders beat and bound the woman’s son, before locking him in a storeroom in the lower flat of the two-storey house. The men then took the businesswoman into the upper flat where they further demanded cash and jewellery.

INews was told that the woman handed over an undisclosed quantity of jewellery along with G$775,000 in cash and an electronic tablet. The bandits also took a Samsung Galaxy cellular phone and a quantity of phone cards before escaping.

B Division Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam, said that Police were looking for two men who previously committed robberies on the Number 63 Beach in April. According to him, since then, Police have stepped up their surveillance and conducted several searches in the area.

In April, a vehicle operator was robbed of valuables which included cellular phones, cash, and jewellery while driving along a lonely spot on the Number 63 Beach.

During that same period, a couple relaxing on the beach also suffered a similar fate. On both occasions, the perpetrators were a man carrying a shotgun and another one carrying a cutlass.





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