Another batch of prisoners to be pardoned soon – President says non-violent mothers will be favoured


Despite much uneasiness about the pardoning of another set of convicted persons, the government has nonetheless advanced the programme and another batch of prisoners is expected to be released soon.

President David Granger
President David Granger

President David Granger was quoted by Guyana Times as saying recently that the release of the prisoners will be announced soon.

He said this time, the beneficiaries of the presidential pardon will  will be mostly, if not entirely, women.

Granger explained that in addition to the same criteria used last year, short conviction period was also taken into account when selecting those to be released this time round.

“In broad terms, we are looking for person with non-violent offences and with relatively short terms of imprisonment and women who are mothers. So it is unlikely that we will have males,”  the Head of State noted.

Moreover, the President said that the names of those prisoners who were selected to be released will be made public soon, “next week perhaps”.


  1. Many of Kwamy squad would not agree with you DM, they were all in the clouds rejoicing and drinking what sends most of them to JAIL or 6 feet under,when the Head of criminals was roaming freely around Guyana killing cowboys by the dozens and not even give them a chance to even attend a court or being charged by the police, the head of crime Roga Klung was pardoned by Barrat but not by uncle sam,talk is cheap

  2. Caging you up for 23 years has taken its toll on you,the jail is filled with too much of Apaches,not only in Guyana in the jsils in Canada and USA, if its not drugs,murder,fraud and the list goes on,,your diet of danans have to change,but nothing can charge DUMB

  3. I hope he is in his right mind and start jailing all the real criminals,,those who by any and every means raped Guyana, lets all support the government and make the world a better place,,,

  4. I believe,President Granger has the right and authority to pardon anyone who he feels is deserved to be pardoned.He is intelligent and disciplined enough to know what criteria to use.Other Presidents do it,so why shouldn`t he?if he feels to so do.

  5. Soulja bai you just got the title and sword as black samurai,how come you are going soft on crime,did you drink too much paiwari at the jubilee or the arrow got too close to your heart.

  6. Why did this incompetent useless dictator allow them to go to prison in the first place if they were petty cries?The reason he is doing this is because the majority of those prisoners are of his kind 99%.Those good for nothings when release well continue to commit crimes knowing that their messiah will release them again.What a way to go ? You do the crime you must do the time period.Not with this dictator YHAYA JAMMEH BROTHER that will never happen.


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