Another airline joins Guyana market…to ply New York, Miami routes


A new airline has extended its operations to Guyana with the aim of ameliorating the shortages of flights to several destinations worldwide.

On Sunday, Trans Royale Corp – One Guyana Air Travel, made the announcement of this new venture, which it said will be travelling to Guyana from JFK, New York and Miami, Florida.
passengersThe flight operation is a joint venture between Trans Royale Corp — One Guyana Air Travel and Eastern Air Lines Group Inc, a Miami based airline.

According to the air service company, Eastern Air Lines currently flies a fleet of five Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Its latest aircraft delivery was on February 5, 2016.

“Eastern Air Lines is currently working in assembling a fleet of Next Generation aircraft, and has signed an initial order with Boeing for new 737-800 aircraft with deliveries commencing in April 2017,” the company said.

The airline currently operates chartered services to many US and international cities including Havana, San Jose, Santiago, Nassau, Bridgetown, among many other destinations.

Eastern Air Lines has a long history in airline operations dating back as early as 1930 and was one of the “big 4” carriers in the USA, until the first Gulf War 1991.

The company said it is very aware of the few choices available in air transportation, however it said the provider has entered this market to render some assistance in this regard.

“One Guyana Air Travel will have a fare structure that will be realistic and economically viable for sustenance of operations and the continuation of services,” the company said.

The schedule will be two flights weekly from Miami with two flights weekly from JFK in off peak, and three flights in peak.

According to the company, “It’s a small schedule to supplement the market shortage”.

There will be a few flights from May 20 for Guyana’s Independence weekend celebration, however, the full schedule will begin July 1.

The company said its ultimate mission is to work towards acquiring the flagship status as Guyana’s national carrier in the near future.




  1. Airlines come and go and this one will be no different is my prediction. They are coming at the time when thousands of Guyanese in the diaspora especially in Canada and the USA will be coming home for the 50th independence celebrations, hoping to CASH in on the vast numbers that will travel. Thanks to Caribbean airlines, through all the tough times and horrible comments against them, they stuck with the Guyana USA/Canada route giving valuable service to Guyanese.

  2. the government of the is noting but make them a laughing stock cut and paste in the computer soon the hard drive will crash

  3. WD, you forget that this same small, congested airport had a big operation going on with the CASH Jet hangout and the 3p who was in command knew nothing????? So come on, is Guyana…. nothing new.

  4. So let’s see how this PNC government will accommodate another airline with that small congested airport. They have have derailed the Airport expansion under the PPP but now they are going to execute the same project that they stalled.This is a headless administration leading our nation. They have no vision.

  5. Another airline joins Guyana market…to ply New York, Miami routes
    The more the merrier for Guyanese..
    Remember how PNC dogs cut funding for airport expansion?
    lets see now..


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