Annandale man attacked, hand severed after attempting to collect monies owed to him


Rayon Adams of Annandale Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara (ECD) is now a surgical patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital after his hand was severed by accomplices of a man who owed him monies.

Police say that Adams travelled to Annandale on Saturday last to collect monies owed to him by an accomplice who goes by the name “Dul Dul”.

While waiting on the money, three men who were in “Dul Dul’s” yard armed themselves with cutlasses and attacked him.

One of the men dealt Adams a chop to his left hand which severed it from the wrist while escaping with the other two accomplices.

The incident occurred just about 19:00h and a police investigation is underway. The men remain on the run.