Anna Catherina grocery shop burglarised


Police are investigating an alleged break and enter and larceny committed on a grocery shop located at Anna Catherina Public Road, West Coast Demerara (WCD).

The incident occurred between 21:30hrs on Tuesday and 04:00hrs on Wednesday.

The perpetrators escaped with a quantity of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to the value of $260,000; perfume to the value of $100,000; about 50 cartoons of cigarette lighters valued $200,000; two electrical fans valued $13,000; some $30,000 worth in snacks; five hammocks valued $20,000; five purses valued $10,000; among other items.

Reports are that the business owner, a 57-year-old woman, had secured her shop by all the means provided, leaving everything intact and went home on Tuesday.

She subsequently received a phone call from the landlord informing her of the incident.

Several persons were questioned but no useful information has been received so far.

Investigations are ongoing.