Aniltape Scandal: Gov’t stands by Attorney General

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.


Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.
Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.

[] – The Guyana government says it stands in solidarity with its Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall, who is accused of threatening the lives of publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and his staff.

In a statement issued late this evening (Monday, October 27), the government instead chose to attack the Kaieteur News rather than comment on the recorded telephone conversation where a voice purporting to be that of Nandlall threatened the newspaper company.

“The Government of Guyana condemns in the strongest possible language the despicable act of a national newspaper to distort and manipulate a private conversation of a Government Minister, whose conversation was illegally recorded, and distorted, and broadcast,” the statement noted.

“We stand by the Attorney General, as the Government of Guyana goes out of its way to foster peace and goodwill. We believe in the integrity and professionalism of the Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr. Anil Nandlall, and stand by him,” the statement further noted.

“The Government of Guyana cherishes freedom of the press, but when private media operatives use the power of the mass media to manipulate public opinion, our nation suffers from the negativity.”

“Today, to our utter consternation, the public listened to a voice recording and was shocked at what the nation heard. Broadcast on social media, the recording contains a distorted, manipulated conversation between a Minister and Leonard Gildarie, a reporter from the Kaieteur News.

“It is abhorrent that someone would be so indecent and immoral to manipulate a loose private conversation, in such a dastardly way.

“The Attorney General serves the people of Guyana as part of a Government that cares. We respect the ideals of integrity, professionalism and moral decency.

“These vicious enemies of the Government of Guyana so distorted an illegal recording of the conversation. It is shocking to witness such disgusting behaviour, obviously aiming to manipulate public opinion.

“We in the Government serve this country, fostering peaceful development, goodwill, and respectful relations. Every Guyanese could see this in how we harbour a free and fair national media landscape, where anyone could publish or broadcast their views and opinion. But we as a nation cannot condone this privilege being manipulated to distort and manipulate public opinion.

“There are many ways for a keen listener to discern the said manipulation. For example, a listener to the manipulated conversation would easily recognise that on many instances the person’s voice at the other end of the conversation was inaudible.

“Fortunately, the Government’s priorities will continue to be the further development of Guyana and our people. The Government will not be distracted from this agenda by Kaieteur News or anyone else,” the statement concluded.



  1. if they are so adamant that the tape/recording was altered or distorted a simple computer program would pick up these things and without need to bring in “specialist” and we do have lots of private, independent, and qualified individuals here in Guyana who can analyze the material as this seems to be the sole object/evidence of all these allegations. As for illegal recordings, I strongly believe a man has a right to ensure that his business is secure and properly monitored. Once it’s his own equipment he is monitoring and now the private property of his employees.

  2. Is there any solid proof that it was indeed Mr. Nandlall engaging in that conversation? How can the GPA issue such a statement without there being a thorough investigation into the matter? Smh people are too quick to judge and some people just look for every little thing to try to bring down the government of this country. The police have a job to do, lets hope they can actually get it done properly and do so honestly so that the right perpetrator(s) can be punished accordingly

  3. Not surprise at all by the government press release. They all do each other duty work so when mess up…. The other will clean up. But them ain’t get long more… One by one they will start falling to the ground.4

  4. Thats why we cant move on as a nation. We keep letting law breakers do what they please. If you don’t have the money or the backing your out of luck.

  5. conversation was illegally recorded? If its illegal then u r dealing with the AG on this matter..and the reporter must be brought before the court.
    The AG is that dumb not to know not to talk with the enemy reporter?
    The reporter loyalty is with his boss just like that of the AG his loyalty is to the Guyanese people.
    He of all people should know not to be this dumb..
    Yall big dummies if im recording you i wont want no one to hear me goading u into saying nasty things..The AG should resign for this conduct..
    Leave these nastiness to PNC Felix and Williams..They have no shame..
    Hear the cries now for the AG to go..
    I told you guys Mooklall will bring all ah yal to yall knees..
    The Mookster has mega bucks and done infiltrate every goverment run institutes..
    including passport offices too..police too..judiciary too..airport security too..then Mookster trying this no confidence thing to see if he can install his own president…hey…money talks while bull shit walks..l


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