Anil Tape Scandal: KN Journalist fearful for his life, family



By Fareeza Haniff

senior Kaieteur News Journalist, Leonard Gildarie
senior Kaieteur News Journalist, Leonard Gildarie

[] – In his first public statement since the taped telephone conversation between himself and the country’s Attorney General (Anil Nandlall), senior Kaieteur News Journalist, Leonard Gildarie has expressed fear for his safety and that of his family.

In his statement, Gildarie said that his safety concerns arose following developments over the impartiality of “any probe, for a number of reasons.”

The Journalist said, “On the advice of my legal counsel, I am restrained from commenting on the details. However, I am not restrained from EXPRESSING DEEP FEARS FOR MY SAFETY AND THAT OF MY FAMILY.”

He debunked reports in one government aligned newspaper that he is on the run from the police.

“On the contrary, over the week I have been in contact with police officers, including Mr. Kingston from Brickdam. As a matter of fact, the said officer even called me on a phone number that belonged to a family member, strange enough. I had indicated to him that a written statement is being prepared.

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.

“Much to my surprise, they issued a statement Thursday that I am showing reluctance to make contact. On Friday, I delivered a written statement to the Police and again today, Saturday, I was present with my lawyer in which the police had some additional questions. We are in the processing of submitting the answers,” Gildarie said.

Nandlall, who is also the country’s Legal Affairs Minister, is accused of threatening the lives of the newspaper’s Publisher, Glenn Lall and his staff.

The AG has since admitted to the recorded conversation and recently told the Government Information Agency that it was a private conversation that was not meant for the public’s ears.

Hours after the recording went viral, the Guyana government came out in full defence of Nandlall and attacked the newspaper for “illegally recording” him.

Nandlall filed a $30M lawsuit against the Kaieteur News for libel contained in an article published on October 28 titled “Attorney General reveals plan to hit Glenn Lall, Kaieteur News”.



  1. The recordings were done illegally, this was not done by the reporter. Mr. Lall has admitted that all his employees phones are wired to record conversations between his workers and other public officials and citizens of this country. If the recordings were legal why has Mr. Lall not pressed the issue and why hasn’t he been willing to visit the police?


  3. So is it safe to assume that you Sir are calling Mr. Lall a jackass? The snitch tag that is being worn by Mr. Leonard is as a result of his boss accusing him of being same and taking information back to the government. There is nobody making an attempt to fabricate that statement. This was from the horses mouth.

  4. Mr. Gildarie you are a reporter and of such you have a right to record information so that you can quote what was said accurately, That is all part of your job. When the person on the other side of your conversation threatens to kill and shoot up the place you work., That recorded conversation must be preserved and released to the public and the authorities, so that the public can be protected. Failing to do that, Mr. Gildarie then becomes an accomplice to violence if Knews is shot up and people dies. Mr. Gildarie can then be charged with withholding information about murder.

  5. Let it be known to all you jack ass saying Leonard is snitch, it was the press that brought US President Richard Nixon down of the Watergate scandal when his office was bugged, the AG Anil Nandall has abused his power, it would appears he may have a license to kill or he may be in an organised crime, such a man representing the Law is a disgraced in our society, can you tell me what is Chatrie coolie? his behavior is even worst than a Chamar coolie, it suppose that what his.

  6. the mookster message is simple to his reporter..most snitches end up dead in big countries like canada and united states..

  7. If Mr. Leonard is fearful for his life then this fear is linked to him having to offer statements that could incriminate one or both of the parties involved in this debacle of the illegally recorded tape.

    Mr. Lall has been quoted as saying that Mr. Leonard is a snitch at his newspaper the kaieteur news and carries information to the government. With Mr. Lalls history of violence and shooting death of an unarmed man, the fact that he is also alledged to be a narco dealer and also trafficking in persons. Mr. Leonard has all right to be fearful for his and that of his family’s life.

    I too would be fearful if someone like Mr. Lall accuses me of being a snitch, for in Mr. Lalls alledged line of narco and TIP business snitching is considered to mean that the death penalty hangs over your head!

  8. i said from day one this chap will be living in fear..if he knew that lall bugged the phone he was talking on with his long time friend he should have said hi -im busy let me call you back later.then go get another phone and chat with his friend..he is the key to the mookster mookster better make sure he get all ten of his lawyers to prep this reporter into how to answer pertinent mookster violated the law..why he did so? because de mookster is bigger than nighell hughes the mookster is bigger than the law the mookster is bigger than big


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