Angoy’s Avenue man chopped to death during row at bar-be-que

Dead: Karl Mc Donald
Dead: Karl Mc Donald

A mason was on Wednesday hacked to death during an argument over a woman at a bar-be-que at Mount Sinai, Greater New Amsterdam, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Dead is 25-year-old Karl McDonald, also called “Karlie” and “Donno”, 25, of High Dam Caracas, Angoy’s Avenue.

After receiving the chops about his body, he reportedly fell into a nearby canal and was left there for some time before he was pulled out and taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.

His mother, Loraine McDonald, recalled receiving the news of the chopping and rushed to the scene but her son was already on his way to the hospital.

The mother related that her son left home at about 18:00h to attend a bar-be-que a short distance from his home.

The suspect has been identified as “Chase” who fled the scene. “He just come from nowhere and start chopping the man and then he run away,” one eyewitness said.

Another person who claimed to have been at the bar-b-que said there was a brief argument between the now dead man and the suspect who was carrying a cutlass at the time.

McDonald recalled that there was an argument and ultimately a scuffle on Christmas Day between the suspect and two of her nephews.

“He went to my nephews who was with this girl who use to be his girlfriend, and then my second son went up to him and apparently some hitting pass and he go away and come back,” the grieving mother said.

She added that on Boxing Day, the man returned with a cutlass and approached her nephew. However, her nephew and the girl escaped. The suspect, he noted, then turned his attention to another cousin and he too escaped.

“He fire chop at my second nephew and he run away and then he went to my son,” the aggrieved mother stated.

McDonald referred to her son as a quiet person. He leaves to mourn two children; ages 6 and 8, his mother and two siblings. Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect.


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