Amerindians were “disrespected” during APNU/AFC‘s tenure in office – MP Charlie

Government Member of Parliament, Alister Charlie

Government Member of Parliament, Alister Charlie in a fiery presentation during Day 2 of the Budget debates, blasted the APNU/AFC for “disrespecting” Hinterland residents and halting several of the development projects in their communities which were crafted by then PPP administration prior to 2015.

Charlie posited that the current administration has crafted Budget 2020 with the aim of fixing all that was destroyed by the then Coalition Government due to a lack of vision for Hinterland development.

“It’s time to rebuild what you have broken,” he declared with support from his colleagues in the Government benches.

He waded in to APNU/AFC Members of Parliament, whom, he accused of painting a different picture that everything was “bright and beautiful” but at the level of the village “it was a different reality.”

The MP labelled Budget 2020 as “inclusive and equitable” and one that is geared towards providing better opportunities for communities across Guyana, including those in the Hinterland.

Amerindian development, he posited, became a priority under the PPP/C with specially designed programmes.

He argued that under the PPP/C administration, the water sector in those communities had experienced “unprecedented progress and development,” and assured that the current Government will continue along this path.

“Budget 2020 caters for numerous socio-economic initiatives for implementation in Hinterland communities; all with the aim of bringing Hinterland development in conjunction to the Coastal development, without sacrificing traditional mores and customs,” he asserted.

Charlie noted that included in this year’s budget is funding for development projects that will seek to make Hinterland communities more self-sufficient.

The MP pointed to the Presidential Grants, which he said will allow many Amerindian communities to engage in projects that would provide jobs and training for households. This, he said, will seek to empower hinterland residents.

Turing his attention to the issue of land titling, he reminded that it was the APNU/AFC that brought the project to a halt. He noted that the US10.7M project was meant to ensure that Hinterland residents are provided with certificates of titles, but this never happened.

He assured that the PPP/C will bring back the programme and ensure that residents are given what is rightfully theirs.

Charlie added that Hinterland communities will be provided with electricity though the Hinterland Electrification Programme.

In terms of education, he noted that Budget 2020 makes provision for residents in Hinterland communities to have easy access to education, including at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

“Each student from the hinterland schools will benefit from the PPP/C Government’s Because We Care initiative,” he expressed.

Further, in relation to health, Charlie said that health care in Hinterland communities was “neglected” during the tenure of the Coalition Government, but this approach would change immediately under the new administration.