American Group says charge against Jagdeo is ‘judicial lynching’

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo arriving at Whim Magistrate Court. [GT Mosquito Photo]
Former President Bharrat Jagdeo arriving at Whim Magistrate Court. [GT Mosquito Photo]
[] – The Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy (GIDD) has condemned the charges of racial incitement brought against former President Bharrat Jagdeo and calls on the democratic forces within Guyana and the Diaspora to unite against “this travesty.”

A press statement from GIDD called on the representatives of the international community in Guyana and the Carter Centre to take immediate steps to stave-off the consequences that are bound to arise from the “calculated ill-will contained in the action brought against the former president.”

The Organisation is also calling on the ruling APNU+AFC administration to demonstrate the same good faith “it is propounding by condemning the inflammatory charge brought by a known opponent of the PPP/C. We call on the responsible controlling authorities in Guyana to immediately dismiss this charge on the basis of its politically motivated character.”

According to the release, “The Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy notes that the specific text which forms the basis for the charge of racial incitement is passé in all forms of the Guyanese media. The fact that a court decided to listen to the said charge, therefore, can only, and must only be seen, as evidence of a kind of judicial lynching of (Fmr.) President Bharrat Jagdeo. We close by noting that it was Bharrat Jagdeo who signed term limits into law in Guyana, a constitutional action that is far in advance of any democracy in the Commonwealth.”

Jagdeo appeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court on Monday, May 25 and was not required to answer the charge. He was placed on his own recognizance and is prevented from leaving the country without the Court’s approval.

The press release says that GIDD was recently formed in the USA.



  1. Coolie Bully it is so clear you are an ignorant, sick, lame brain,retarded,uninformed, dunce. This space is for persons that have something redeeming and positive to say. You can hardly spell, Sentence construction sounds like a foreign word to you. And no, it does not mean to build a house in the courtrooms. The likes of you are so dangerous for our country. No wonder you support King Thief jadgeo – you both have a lot in common. Go pick up a book. You may just learn something.

  2. Yo no name…no nation. ..nobody. You are probably one that went and beat the drums and sing the song. Go thief something and settle yourself. You sound like someone who knows the courtroom very well. Rattle away.

  3. jagdeo should be gone for good he is a cancer to this nation he is known to cuss out anyone n everyone , a high tec thief a liar n likes to slap his cabinet members like ramotar,since jagdeo came on board all hell broke loose he started thiefing big time n everyone else in the cabinet follow him he cause corruption In all the govt. offices this man is an endangered specie he is a full out racis send him to wuk with bokoram man.he thinks he Is bigger than the law he n his cronies, but the law will take its course regardless of his supports he jail the lilboy for showing he finger to the passing vehicles , he jail benscoch n many more wen they cant dance to his tune he made fun of people freedom in this country jageo is a dog n a dutty one now his day com he na want face the music how could u give to others wat u na want for u self e tell me what u sow u must reap jagdeo u never show mercy to poor people even ur own supporters wat hav u done for them in 23 yrs they r so dum n hypnotized by u they cant see n understand all u give to them is hatred for our black people u r demon from hell n there is where u will end up u belong there hell is ur home jagdeo u incite racism since u enter office

  4. pure hog wash GIDD is a group of people that are the PPP die hards and so once again friendship and cronies want to have Jagdeo not taking full responsibility for statements made .I think the law should take its course and the President should stay out of it and fellow writers this man was above the law and should be held accountable and made to understand that laws were meant to be followed and respected and especially Jagdeo was once the President of Guyana .

  5. It is important to publicize the names of the individuals who form this new organization in the USA. It is also important to investigate them to determine if they have any ties to Roger Khan death squad and all the other criminals affiliated with Jagdeo. This is very serious. The United States of America should do an investigation on these members very soon as they can be funding groups that can do harm to the new government and the people of Guyana who do not endorse their racist philosophy. Put Jagdeo in jail and all others who continue to do harm to the growth and development of Guyana, PPPC.

  6. I would like to response to Andy. Nobody is “daft_” and you are too stupid to understand that when I said ” the government to dismiss the charged”, I was been indirect, that is, it was politically motivated by the government cronies and it would take a political move behind the scene to have their cronies to back off. Thanks for letting me clarify.

  7. Coolie Bully after reading your best effort it is quite clear who is the dunce. I do have some news for your uninformed self.
    Take the time to read if you can and you will discover that Ministers within a Ministry is standard practice in many Cabinets including the former pee,pee,pee. So sit your racist bumb behind down and read you might just learn something.That crook jadgeo is the one that is rattled. If he refuses to take his cleptocratic ass to court or attempts to leave the country his cage will be rattled.

  8. Where were these people.for the past 23 years when the ppp was refusing to hold local elections . Where were they a few yeas when jagdeo gave 16 of 18 new radio frequency to his friend where were they during every election when nc n and the chronicle was giving 95 percent of all coverage to the ppp hmmmmmmmmmm I could go on and on but I’ve made my point . Lots of charges to come for that thief it’s time to lock him up

  9. Ummmm…I don’t know where to start. You people are all so ignorant I can’t find the words to help you understand. Two questions though…What is it exactly that Jagdeo ( the best thing that ever happened to Guyana ) say that was so racial???? He was merely repeating what was said by the PNC people. Who’s the guilty party here???? LALU it looks like you want an award or are you hoping to get a job in the ministry of ministers? Or is it old grievances. Hmmm.

  10. Are you daft? How can the government dismiss a case before the court. Moreso, since the government did not bring the case. Don’t you fools understand this charge was brought by a private citizen against another private citizen. Bharat Jagdeo is not above the law, even though it appeared that way while the PPP was in power. The PPP abused the justice system and stripped it of its independence. Now is a different time.

  11. Look how Jagdeo got all of you rattled. STUPIDITY IS CONTAGIOUS. Apparently you all went to the same school. Oh yes I tend to forget you are all a bunch of dunce. MINISTERS WITHIN THE MINISYTY MATERIAL. LOL. LOL. LOL.

  12. Yea, yea, you people in the tropics of Guyana need to calm down or maybe it good you let out your anger. Do you really think the guy will have a fair trial and what do you think his party supports will do. The new government has only won by a small margin. Guyanese heed the words of the U.S emissary, both Jagedeo party and the new government have to work together and possible share some position to get things done in the interest of the people and country. Live is short on earth. Think positive Guyanese and be happy.

  13. GIDD,I believe,you`re too GIDDY to understand what Democracy is or means.If you represent HYPOCRISY as it appears,you have a minority following.Allow the DEMOCRATIC process in this country GUYANA to run its course.Jagdeo,as any other Guyanese, has been charged with an offence,and the relevant authority is handling it.I shall like to advice you,to BACK OFF and allow this matter to take its course.

  14. Mr. Jagdeo is MAN enough to educate us all during his trial. He has to bring forth the evidence (the drummers/whisperers). He must produce the persons who witnessed all these drummings and whisperings. He said those things in a highly charged atmosphere, where young, impressionable minds were present.
    I am certain that we would not like those young minds to get all “GIDDY” from those remarks, in future years, and at other elections, if this is repeated! Who knows, someone may even be inspired to make a song about this incident, like that old, popular song, “fowl cack ah NACK ee drum, and guinea bird ah DANCE, oh me raja!
    So, let the highly qualified, wrld famous, former president, and proud product of the PYO, and hero to so many, let him NOT disappoint his supporters. Show us all that you could support your case. Please make us all GIDDY with your defence, as some of us were GIDDY with the courage you had displayed when you voiced those words.

  15. Government should not interfere in the judicial process. He broke the law and a private citizen charged him. Let the court decide. As soon as the politicians start to interfere with the judicial system you move into a less democratic state. This was one of the PPP/c doing. There must be separation of the instruments of the democratic state. One must not tell the other what to do.

  16. You fool, it’s private citizen who brought these charges, my advice to you ninconpoop is shut up and let the rule of the court prevail.

  17. My understanding is that this is a newly formed Organisation in the U.S. it is obviously seeking to promote the interest of a particular group. in the U.S where it is located would not support this non-sense. Racism and interference of the judiciary is off limits. when democracy was being torn down and murders being orchestrated by a Jagdeo led Govt. and and tax payers money being squandered away no one heard from this group. Where was democracy then?. Now they are calling on the new Govt to be democratic? let the rule of law take place, if he is guilty he will have to pay the consequences. He is not above the law.

  18. No, APNU+AFC should not interfere with the court’s decision, this defending of Jagdeo is becoming increasingly annoying. The man has a BIG MOUTH, and uses his tongue to lash out at any and everyone, without regard of the consequences. It is time he understands, he’ll be held accountable for “mouthing off.” Let the court do it’s job.

  19. Well well well. …seems like you all are living in the past of others… in other countries or is it your racist ways that can’t be controlled. You are all now bashing the US and I news …who’s next. .besides Jagdeo and the entire PPP party? Looks like a lot of people have to go to jail because Jagdeo wasn’t doing nothing wrong when he repeated the words of the PNC. But you have people in ministerial position now who condoned the racial acts by their supporters and who made serious racial remarks on the internet. You people just want to push that red button that says Don’t Push. Why is he the only one being charged? Why is the focus on him? Why are you people so afraid of that man? Why didn’t you all want to see all of your PNC members jailed? Oh yes I forgot…you are all racial. Oh and by the way before you stupid people ask so many stupid questions Google them and then text.Mark sshould have spent the rest of his life in jail for what he did. Compare his crime and time to that of the US laws all you foreign minded idiots. This is Guyana.

  20. This group sounds GIDDY, they live and enjoy the US, these are the people you see on Liberty Ave talking how nice the PPP is doing for Guyana,but they living off the state with food stamps,WIC,and a lot of them Rents are paid for by tax payers, ask them what they ever did for Guyana! Nothing but run to uncle sam, these fools were around when Ronald Wadel,Courtney,and all the other murders were done, when Mark was sent to jail these fools were to GIDDY living of the state on uncle sam,, GIDD ya LIE

  21. A little too late. A dictator and cuss bird nipped in the bud. He is no example of decency & integrity (equally the ‘chaitree’) but bullyism supported by fanatical diehards. Let the wheels of justice roll.

    Guyana is now on the right track for National Unity – PPP/C squandered their opportunities thru discrimination, lack of transparency, nepotism, use of the peoples money as their own, fooling the diehards. I wonder why many who supported the former Presidents have now abandoned them – because they could not tolerate the high-handed manner of governance. Look at the crowd when the PPP/C observerd Guyana’s 49th Independence at Portmourant. WOW – the differrence of a few days!

    The Indigenous Guyanese have also seen the PPP/C for what there are. Of course, there were some projects in the interior; water and school projects but most of these were already in the pipeline, along with Debt Write-offs under the HIPC Program – Tourism was promoted – the late Boyo Ramsaroop was part of its development – National Forestry Plans were being established with assistance from CIDA and FAO. Sad to say, Forest resources, it seems have been allocated under deceptive conditions – non-compliance to the original terms of the Agreements for about ten years. The failure of the HYdro-Project to be realsied; Skeldon Estate failure (so far); contributing to the decline of the City of Georgetown, etc ……. The long and short of Guyana’s current position: All Guyanese, local and overseas, give the new government a chance to heal and move the country you love so dearly, to grow in strength and unity. Be thankful for the wind of change and be grateful to better relations with the ABC countries which have been strained over the years….some know it. It is said: ” A person is known by the company he keeps”. Fear not though, to make constructive criticisms.
    Long live Guyana!

  22. Where was this body when the Managers of NBS were mistreated? Where were you folks when this infamous brute sued Freddie Kissoon? Chris Ram filed this before the elections and a new government got elected. Let this criminal face justice, see how it feels when the shoes is on the other foot?

  23. jail the frigging thief for the rest of his life he deserve that for what he has done to guyana

  24. Just know that these accusations were filed prior to change of government. Therefore it should not come under the context of “political motivation.” As an ordinary citizen he is subject to the same laws as every other GUYANESE citizen. If it is found that a criminal act has been perpetrated according the laws of the land, then he should suffer the consequences. If he’s innocent then he should be vindicated.

  25. I am a Guyanese living in the U.S since 1982 and never return back to Guyana since departure. I know what state the country was racially and I think regardless who is right or who is wrong, to would be good politics by the new government in the interest of moving forward to dismiss the charges against the former President or what do you think would happen when the other party come into power again. Guyanese stop this juvenile political game. I agree with the U.S group article. Please nip it in the bud and move Guyana. Thank you.

  26. This is the first time I’ve heard of this group. The caption says ‘American’ so I’m assuming it’s based in the U.S, but who are it’s members? Who heads it? Sounds fishy to me.

  27. In other words jagdeo is above the law. Not so in other countries and here in our hemisphere. Only in Guyana. And herein lies the problem. Systemic to say the least in Guyana ,which was quite evident during the jagdeo and PPP era. The list is exhaustive of ex PPP big wigs violating the laws of Guyana and act like “so what- do you know who I am” Well GIDD that time is now behind us- when no one is above the law, not even King jagdeo. I would not be at all surprised if this organization does not comprise a certain ethnic group with affiliation to the PPP. Jagdeo and his cronies are not above the law dispute what they believed. Was it OK for him to spew racial garbage that could have resulted in further separation of Afro and Indo Guyanese or worst? More than likely this was his intention once it became clear that the PPP would be kicked out of the government. Well – it did not work the people were smarter than they were given credit for.

  28. To hell with y’all…GIDD…this large bag of shit (Jagdeo) rves every ounce and even more…he lucky this isn’t Barbaric time…cause it would surely please the hearts of many Guyanese to see this bag of shame face capital punishment. Why did he jail Mark Benschop…why did he allow the country to reach to a state where a man faces years of imprisonment for quarter of a joint of marijuana…when in more developed countries like US and Canada it is legal…this thing(Jagdeo) is a FOOL…so to hell with him and y’all (GIDD)

  29. I also did a search for “Guyana Institute for the Defense of Democracy” and only came up with this article. Is the Institute a figment of someone’s imagination?

  30. Lynch away!

    Oh, and the group should hold off any pronouncement on term limits until the Chief Justice rules.

  31. There is no ill will towards him, he has been doing it and getting away with it. He was playing a dangerous game, remember what happened in Rwanda? If they had nipped it in the budding stages the genocide would not have happened. Remember Hitler? If he was stopped the Jews were not going to be murdered. He must be tried and if found guilty, jailed. Guyana cannot afford his racist bullshit.

  32. Dennis
    Why did post this nonsensical press release from an obvious PPP affiliated group. No one has heard of it and most don’t care, is it just a dull news day in GT that you are forced to upload stupid stuff like this?

  33. Why is it that now the GIDD is speaking up? Where were they when the PPP/C was doing all the illegal actions…..

  34. On the jagdeo issue please allow me comment by posting a question to the GIDD.Do you think that if a statement of such was made by PRESIDENT OBAMMA that the people of the”United STATES OF AMERICA would have taken it lightly?Please note the word”UNITED”.Myanswer to my own question would be an asounding NO, OBAMMA would not have even entertain the thought much less to say it because he is very cognisant of the multi ethnic and diversity of the American society. Guyana a land of six race ; jagdeo a man of his status should have been cognisant of the implications of his statment.NoExcuse for you jagdeo no excuse he should have known better.

  35. Yeh, when Mustapha filed charges against Veerasammy Ramayya. Made him paid a fine and read an apology. Did PPP/c do anything ? what goes around , comes around.

  36. Who the hell is GIDD?

    Where are the located/?

    Who the hell have any respect for them?

    That charge was laid weeks ago, why asking people to condemn the Judiciary?

    Only Inews seem to regard this organization to even carry their press release.

    Waste of press space.

  37. Hold up! who is GIDD? are they even a registered organization? if so what country are they registered in? who are there members? Inews have you researched this organization before posting this story? Please give us some more information at GIDD.


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