AmCham Guyana membership reaches 61 in first year

AmCham Guyana President Zulficar Ally

The American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AMCHAM Guyana) held its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) today (Saturday, August 31, 2019), revealing that in its first year it had enlisted some 60 members of the business community.

The AGM was held at the Marriott Hotel and saw the attendance of members from the private sector and civil society.

In his remarks, AmCham Guyana President, Zulficar Ally, revealed that even with its recorded high membership, there are over 100 applications still pending.

“So far, we have managed to enlist 61 members during the year and I formally welcome you all onboard. We will need you even more in the coming years as seek to promote the work of the organisation beyond Guyana’s shores and seek to achieve our objectives. This may involve helping to promote activities, leveraging strategic alliance to help the organisation, and sponsoring, supporting and attending event,” he stated.

Attendees at AmCham Guyana’s inaugural AGM held on Saturday at the Marriott Hotel

Ally also encouraged these businesses to be outspoken about their concerns and to provide feedbacks.

He noted that efforts are being made to enhance opportunities for its membership, such as hosting events to allow them to network.

“We sought to promote opportunities for trade between the United States and Guyana by hosting our first investment conference in Manhattan, New York, March of this year. We plan to replicate this initiative annually. Emerging from that meeting were several companies who subsequently joined the Chamber,” the Chamber President added.

AmCham Guyana was launched in August of last year, with a stated objective of promoting trade and business between the United States and Guyana.

This came after ExxonMobil’s oil finds put Guyana on the global map, leading to increased interests from foreign investors.

AmCham branches exist in countries all around the world, including in nearby Trinidad.