AmCham Guyana announces its inaugural Board of Directors

Chairman of AmCham Zulfikar Ally

One week after US Ambassador, Perry Holloway’s announcement of it becoming operational, the American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AmCham Guyana Inc.) has installed an interim sixteen-member board to help guide the Chamber through its first year of establishment.

Chairman of AmCham Zulfikar Ally

AmCham Guyana is a private sector association of US enterprises and individuals doing business in Guyana as well as firms and business executives in Guyana who operate in the United States.

According to AmCham its purpose is to “promote America –Guyana bilateral trade opportunities and activities; to improve market access for America-Guyana goods and services; to provide a economic, social and policy platform for its members, to encourage networking and build valuable business connections; and to help promote corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in Guyana. AmCham Guyana’s official launch will be held in August.”

It was outlined in a statement that the current Board is comprised of a dynamic mix of both local, regional, and U.S directors who are eager to dedicate their service, knowledge, and expertise to ensuring a productive start for the chamber.

Members of the Board include: Zulfikar Ally, Queens Atlantic; Clairmont Cummings, Corum Group; Ms Liz Wyatt, Sol Guyana; Dave Kissoon, London House Chambers; Justin Nedd, GTT; Rod Henson, ExxonMobil; Davie Sukdeo, Guyana Marriott; George Kalantzakis, HESS Corporation; Rafael Nabi, Nabi Construction Inc; Ms Saskia Wigingaarde, RED Entertainment; Ms Yolander Persaud, Massy Group Guyana; Jorge Medina, MACORP, Richard Sammy, Republic Bank; Marisca Jordan, RAMPS Logistics; Andrew Mendonza, Baker Hughes and Fitzroy Mcleod, NAMILCO.

Members of the Executive include: Zulfikar Ally as Chairman; Clairmont Cummings as First Vice Chair; Justin Nedd as Second Vice Chair; Ms Liz Wyatt as Third Vice Chair; Fitzroy Mcleod as Treasurer; Devindra Kissoon as General Counsel; and Ms Yolander Persaud as Company Secretary.

First Vice Chair, Clairmont Cummings Founder/ Managing Director of Corum Group expressed that “ AmCham Guyana has a diverse and vibrant team comprising of representatives across the corporate spectrum- ranging from global giants, medium sized firms, and local firms/ regional conglomerates.”

He encouraged members of the business community to become involved in the chamber and echoed the Chairman of the organization’s sentiments that “the chamber will provide a platform for business, resource, and advocacy support; as well as a medium for community involvement and social corporate responsibility.“

With the American Chamber of Commerce existing in over 160 countries around the world, most of the companies that have joined and are interested in joining the Guyana branch are already members in other countries.

AmCham is expected to address many of the bottlenecks that hinder effective trade relations between Guyana and the US.

Moreover, the Chairman had explained that the Chamber would also look to enhance and promote trade relations between the two countries.

“We would like to create new opportunities and improve market access for (Guyanese) and American goods and services; it’s not one way, it’s both ways. We want to provide also an economic, social and policy platform for our members to come and to share ideas. A lot of networking would be involved between our members, both local and international, to see where there are avenues to create more business linkages as well. So it’s a great place to do networking, to meet investors, to grow your company, to grow your business, and to create opportunities and linkages as well,” Ally posited.

Interested in becoming a member? Contact the chamber at [email protected]



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