AmCham concerned over Hughes’ claims about “Russians”



The American Chamber of Commerce of Guyana (AMCHAM Guyana), wishes to thank all of its observers both locally and internationally for participating and observing Guyana’s National and Regional Elections 2020.

The Chamber continues to observe the work of the Guyana Elections Commission as well as the participation of political parties in the final stages leading up to the declaration of the results. The Chamber notes with great concern various comments appearing on Mrs. Cathy Hugh’s Facebook page which attempt to impugn the character and integrity of AMCHAM.

AMCHAM is an organization established in Guyana to represent the interest of US persons and companies doing business in Guyana. It was formed under the auspices of the former US Ambassador Mr. Perry Holloway, and the current US Ambassador Sarah Ann Lynch, who sits as its honorary Chairman, both of whom assisted us with its launch.

We invite the public to read the full text of her speech delivered at our inaugural address Our 80 strong membership include companies such as Hughes Fields and Stoby, ExxonMobil, Hess, Republic Bank, Massy, to name a few, all of whom have business interests in Guyana.

AMCHAM has been instrumental as not only acting as independent accredited GECOM observers, but has also been instrumental as a central hub for other observer missions and has assembled a team of accomplished individuals to observe Guyana’s elections, all who have done so to date admirably and without hesitation.

These observers have also undergone intensive training about the elections processes including what their mandates are as an observer. Further all of our members signed an international code of conduct for observing the elections.

AMCHAM wishes to assure every Guyanese that all of the persons accredited as observers by the Guyana Elections Commission went through a high level of scrutiny by the organization before their names were submitted to GECOM, and further wishes to state that no Russian citizens (or any of the individuals referred to in Mrs. Hughes’ statement for that matter) were submitted by AMCHAM to the Guyana Elections Commission to be accredited.

This can easily be verified with the Guyana Elections Commission. We wish to state that none of Amcham’s members have been deported, charged with a crime, or otherwise, and AMCHAM has no responsibility for its members’ personal interactions.

In the unfortunate event it is found that there in fact were individuals or their associates working against Guyana’s sovereign interests, AMCHAM joins Mrs. Hughes in strong condemnation of any such attempts.