Ambulance collides with car on Quamina Street

A Guyana Fire Service Ambulance is now out of service after it collided with a motor car at the corners of Quamina and Thomas Street Georgetown on Friday.
According to eyewitness reports, the ambulance was heading north along Thomas Street with its Siren glaring when it crashed into the left rear of the heavily tinted motor car which was proceeding west along Quamina Street.
It was reported that the car was unable to hear the siren because of the loud music it was playing at the time.
Story and accompanying photos by Carl Croker:
 dsc_2693-2dsc_2687-2allion-2 ambulance allion



  1. That has to be a police car,looking at the tint even on the windshield tell everyone how blind the law is to them regula banna, GT is a joke


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