Amazon Caribbean Guyana disturbed with the alarming number of crimes committed at sea


FOREST WEB[] – The Management of Amazon Caribbean Guyana Ltd (AMCAR) says it is very disturbed by the constant attacks its vessels suffer at sea and is now seeking the help of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Police Force in this regard.

Already a meeting is planned for tomorrow (Monday September 30th) where AMCAR will meet with officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Commissioner of Police, the Private Sector Commission, the GMSA and the Chamber of Commerce, to voice their concern about the growing insecurity in the interior.

The body in a statement reminded of the attack on its cabbage boat 3 years ago in Berbice. It said at that time, the Ministry of Home Affairs had acted promptly and Police Forces had investigated, leading to the arrest of 3 individuals.

The Management of AMCAR says it hopes that the same swift action could be repeated to secure the area.

More recently on September 24, 2013 at approximately 2:30hrs at Kimbia,Berbice River AMCAR’s  Cabbage boat – MV Lady  Christine – was brutally attacked and robbed by four (4) armed gun men. One shot was fired as the gun men made good their escape with $125,000 in cash.

On September 26, the crew returned to shore and went to the Blairmont Police Station to make a report. They were referred to go to the Kwakwani Police Station. The head of the boat crew became very frustrated and contacted the CID office in Georgetown. He was then advised to go to the Blairmont Police Station where a report was finally taken.

AMCAR says these incidents have resulted not only in its staff  being scared to return to the area to transact business but also the residents being terrified to go about their regular business.

“This can have serious economic implications as we are purchasing raw material for our processing unit in Rosignol, night and day. Manicole (cabbage) harvesting is a significant source of earning for more than 50 families on the Berbice River, providing steady income and low cost bartering system.”




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