Amaila Falls: ‘They picked the wrong thing to play politics with’ – LCDS Member

LCDS Member, Tony Shields.
LCDS Member, Tony Shields.

Guyana could suffer a “big loss” for failure to meet political consensus on the construction of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Plant.

This is the latest opinion on the Amaila saga by Member of the Multi Stakeholder Committee on the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and Management Consultant of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miner’s Association (GGDMA), Tony Shields.

His comments come as the national debate continues on the project and its benefits, with President Donald Ramotar declaring that the project is in jeopardy following the pull-out of Sithe Global- the firm responsible for the construction of the plant.

Sithe Global had cited lack of political consensus for the pull-out.

Mr. Shields who was involved in the hydro efforts in the Mazaruni decades ago expressed his disappointment that a project which has been in the making for so long and is now so close to financial closure cannot secure the support of the opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

He is hoping that the same reasoning that led to the Alliance For Change (AFC), altering its position and supporting legislation necessary for the project will also confer on the APNU.

“I hope the same reality that dawned on the AFC, will also dawn on the APNU” Shields said.

According to Shields, the Opposition is flexing its muscles at the expense of the Guyanese people.

“It’s sad that people that have been elected to serve the people are playing politics, I don’t understand what is going on, politics has its role but not in this case, they have picked the wrong issue to play politics with” he stated.

The GGDMA management consultant in a bid to mobilize the public and gain support for the project outlined some of the spin off benefits of the project, among which are: the development of roads and the opening up of communities along with the expansion of the agriculture and mining sectors.

He has called on the Guyanese people to unite in the interest of national development, while reminding of the executives’ right to negotiate and enter agreements in confidentially.

“People with skills must mobilize and put pressure on politicians, let’s do a poll to see who and how much people support Amaila” he stated.



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