Amaila Falls Project: Put your vote where your mouth is – Finance Minister to Opposition


ashni singhAs the government continues to plead with the parliamentary opposition to support the controversial Amaila Falls Project, PPP Member, Dr. Ashni Singh said that the Opposition Alliance for Change [AFC] needs to put their vote where their mouth is.

At the People’s Progressive Party [PPP] weekly press conference today, Monday July 15, Dr. Singh, who is also the Government’s Finance Minister stated that while the opposition has publicly stated their support for the project, they refuse to vote on it in parliament, until the International community approves the project.

“I see the AFC has said, in fact they have said in Parliament that they are supportive of Amaila but they said they will not vote for the Amaila Falls project until the IDB approves it.

Now let’s be serious here…we’re dealing with International Financial Institutions, who will look to the national parliament and the national stakeholder community and they will say, why on earth should we  – the international community support such a project that you – domestic Guyanese stakeholders are not prepared to come out and support unequivocally?”

According to Dr. Singh, “So it is really difficult to comprehend the position taken by the AFC, who on the one hand recognize that the Guyanese people want the Amaila Falls project to happen urgently, and so they clearly would like to be associated with the project so they’re making public pronouncements that they are in favour of Amaila, but yet, they are not putting their vote where their mouth is.”

Dr. Singh is concerned that the controversial Project will be at threat, if it is not supported by the opposition parliamentarians.

In a press release recently, the Minister stated that critical deadlines are looming and expiration dates on certain commitments expire this year, as it relates to the project.

At this week’s sitting of Parliament, slated for Thursday July 18, two matters will be up for discussion, which includes a motion to increase the debt ceiling and amendments to the Hydro Electric Act.

In order for the Amaila Falls Project to move forward, the government will need the opposition parliamentarians to support the two motions.



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