Alpha United positive for August 19 CONCACAF clash

Odinga Lumumba (second from left) in the presence of some Alpha United members during the press conference.
Odinga Lumumba (second from left) in the presence of some Alpha United members during the press conference.

[] – Alpha United Football Club will head into their CONCACAF clash against the Portland Timbers on August 19 at the National Stadium with the aim of gaining three points from the encounter.

At a press conference held on Thursday [August 14] at the Water Chris, coach of the club, Wayne Dover highlighted that winning was the ultimate goal in their next match.

“Having played our first game the results was not as we expected, so our session after were based mainly on offence and finishing.

“We have to gain three points from the game, anything less would mean we drop further down the table so we had to focus on the finishing,” Dover stated.

Dover was also very high on the mode in which his team will play against the Timbers when compared to Olympia who they lost to 1-0 on August 9.

“The Latin teams play a different way as they play possession and use space and wait for gaps to exploit, but the Timbers play a more Caribbean style of football which I think will suit us in the end so I am confident,” Dover noted.

Meanwhile, President of the Alpha Club, Odinga Lumumba did not hesitate to criticize the support the team has been receiving.

“Millions of people are watching these games, this is a tourism opportunity, this is a success story, we have conquered Harbour View of Jamaica and the Trinidad Defence Force, we have earned the right to be supported and we are not at that level.

“It makes you wonder where is the nationalism where is the togetherness,” Lumumba ranted and raved about the club’s situation.

Further, the Alpha United boss highlighted the reasons for the inclusion of foreign players in the club, “We are now and international team and in that sense we have to bring in international players… we are moving to a different level and it starts with us,” Lumumba noted.

The game between Alpha United and the Portland Timbers will be player at the Guyana National Stadium with an expected start time from 19:00hs.

The CONCACAF champion’s league is the stage before the World Cup club championships which is one of the biggest football tournaments in the world.


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