Almost $1B in contracts signed for various agri-related works across Guyana


The Ministry of Agriculture today inked several contracts for the execution of various works across the country.

Six agencies that fall under the Ministry signed a total of 16 contracts, which amounted to $975,170,707.

S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies signed a contract totaling $497,464,600 for the supply of a Cutter Head Dredge to the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA).

Khan’s Construction and Transportation Services Inc. signed two contracts for the rehabilitation of a drainage structure at Henrietta in Leguan and the construction of a new drainage sluice at New Friendship in Wakenaam.

Kascon Engineering Services signed a contract totaling $79,407,100 to execute rehabilitation works on the Union Sluice in Region Five.

Samaroo Investments signed a $57,720,500 contract to carry out rehabilitation works on the sluice located at Lima, Region Two.

General Engineering Supplies and Services Inc. signed a contract for $12,722,100 for the fabrication and installation of a stainless-steel door at the Young Street sluice in Georgetown.

RN Construction signed a contract for the installation of a revetment at Endeavour in Canal No. 2 totaling some $18,777,000. A $25,968,925 contract was also signed with Z&H Investments Inc. to execute rehabilitation works on the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) guesthouse at Land of Canaan.

The Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) signed a contract with Beharry Automotive Limited for the supply of a 30-seater bus totaling $17,290,141.

Massy Motors (Guyana) Limited signed a $6,954,000 contract with the Hydromet Department for the supply, delivery, and testing of a new sport utility vehicle (SUV).

MS Trading inked a contract totaling $9,850,000 for the supply and delivery of laboratory equipment and accessories with the National Agriculture Research and Extension Institute (NAREI).

NAREI’s Mangrove Department also signed a contract with S&K Construction and Consultancy Services and General Supplies totaling $10,079,500 for the installation of a geotextile tube along the Non Pariel, ECD foreshore. The Department also signed a contract with Bailey and Associates for $8,721,000 for the execution of topographic surveys in three areas.

Hope Coconut Industries Limited signed contracts with Ideal Auto totaling $9,690,000 for the supply, delivery, and testing of a new enclosed canter truck, General Equipment Guyana Inc for the supply, delivery, and testing of a tractor with accompanying implements for $10,441,100, and with R. Persid Construction for the construction of a chain-link fence at Plantation Hope Estate for a sum of $4,935,392.

Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha explained that with the renewed interest in the agriculture sector, government is focused on putting the right infrastructure in place to foster development.

“The agriculture sector is moving forward and that came about because of the funds and allocations government has been investing thus far. We are here this afternoon to continue the process because we want to deliver the necessary services to our citizens to further enhance their lives. Today’s activity will see contracts being signed totaling close to one billion dollars. That is a large sum of money and I think we need to have these works completed on time and according to the specifications. Agriculture is once again taking its rightful place in CARICOM. This is why we have to put the necessary framework and infrastructure in place to ensure Guyana remains the country designated to advance the agriculture agenda on food security in the Caribbean,” Minister Mustapha said.

The Agriculture Minister further told contractors that they should work to meet their contractual obligations within the given timeframe as the Ministry does not plan to extend any contract period.