Allicock sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of Tappin


The tension was thick and the drop of a pin could have been heard at the High Court on Tuesday afternoon after Albouystown resident, Steve Allicock was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of Wendell Tappin on Old Year’s day, 2009.

Steve Allicock was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of Wendell Tappin

A 12-member jury unanimously returned a guilty verdict against Allicock for the December 31, 2009, stabbing to death of Tappin at Hill Street, Albouystown which was the result of an alleged altercation between the deceased and Allicock’s relatives.

The 35-year-old convict, who is a father of seven, begged for court’s mercy while maintaining that he was innocent.

However, his cries fell on deaf ears, as State Prosecutor, Tuanna Hardy reminded the court that it was Allicock’s knife that pierced into the then 33-year-old Tappin’s heart.

As there were no mitigating factors offered by Defence Counsel, Maxwell McKay, presiding Judge, Navindra Singh handed down the 60-year sentence, ordering deductions for time spent on remand.

Murdered: Wendell Tappin

But Allicock’s father, Leonard, who was himself acquitted for Tappin’s murder in 2014, questioned the jury’s assessment, saying that the prosecution’s case was filled with discrepancies.

“Mr Roxin Williams, who knew he for five years mentioned in the testimony with me that he never saw Tappin there. The police never saw he, he daughter never saw he. Wa evidence you get against he fuh convict he? Wrongfully accused, yes!” Leonard exclaimed.

Moreover, relatives of the convicted man claimed that the Tappin’s father changed his testimony over the course of the two trials.

However, Tappin’s mother, Sylvie Kishore said that she feels justice was served fairly.

“Finally, ah get justice,’ she said.

Tappin, of Lot 88 James Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, on the day of his demise, sustained multiple stabbing injuries, evidenced by wounds of varying depths.

The pathologist gave the cause of death as shock and hemorrhage due to stab wounds.


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