Alleged plot to assassinate President: Police say case file resent to Legal Advisor


The case file on the alleged assassination plot against President David Granger was on Thursday resent to the Guyana Police Force’s Legal Advisor with the hope that a pronouncement can be made this time around.

The man who claimed two local businessmen hired him to assassinate President David Granger

According to Senior Superintendent and Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum, “she [Legal Advisor] would have sent back the file [to us] sometime last week asking us to do some further work. That was done so at this point in time, we are resubmitting the file but I can’t say much because it is a sensitive investigation.”

Since first submitting the case file to the Force’s legal mind for advice almost three weeks ago, it has been returned to investigators on each occasion, with instructions for further work to be done.

These included holding a confrontation between the complainant and an alleged witness, as well as obtaining phone records of the parties fingered in the probe.

Last week, acting Police Commissioner, David Ramnarine told Inews that although the phone records were submitted to the legal advisor, she returned the file requesting some clarification on a few other issues.

This online publication understands that the stories submitted by the complainant and the alleged witness, who was supposed to corroborate the assassination plot, do not coincide; hence, the Legal Advisor had previously advised that a confrontation be held to make certain clarifications.

During that confrontation, the alleged ‘witness’ told investigators that the complainant had contacted him and offered him a sum of money to give a statement to the Police claiming that he was present when the two businessmen contacted him (complainant) to assassinate the President.

According to sources, the complainant had only made the monetary offer after he informed the Police of the assassination plot. The statements from the confrontation were submitted to the Legal Advisor on Wednesday morning.

Furthermore, it was previously reported that the complainant allegedly owed the businessmen, whom he accused, in excess of $8 million.

Independent investigations revealed that the man failed to repay the money and was confronted by his creditors. Based on his inability to repay the money he allegedly levied the allegations against the businessmen.

About two weeks ago, the Crime Chief had disclosed that investigators made certain recommendations based on their findings during the probe. However, he never expounded on this.

Nevertheless, Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud, had previously explained that the Legal Advisor would have to determine whether there is substance to the allegation or if it is just a ploy to create mischief and based on her findings, the Police will take the appropriate actions.

The Top Cop had pointed out that if the allegation is indeed true, the guilty parties involved could be charged for treason, but if it was a mischievous act, the person who made the allegation could be charged for providing false information to the Police.

Shortly after Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, broke the news of the investigations into an alleged assassination plot against the Head of State, the complainant, a well-known barber of Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD), appeared on a local private television station to relate his story.

In that interview, the barber revealed that he was offered $7 million and given a “long black gun” by a businessman to carry out the job of assassinating the President, but he declined the offer.

Reports indicate that he subsequently filed a complaint with the Police, prompting the investigation which has been ongoing for over three weeks.


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