Alleged ‘gang members’ remanded for injuring 19-Y-O

Two alleged members of a ‘gang’, which the Guyana Police Force said is operating notoriously in Linden, Region 10, were arrested on Wednesday for wounding a teenager.
Travis Hazel, called ‘Fifty’, a 36-year-old businessman of Lot 24 Silvercity, Wismar, Linden and 48-year-old Royston Hilliman, a businessman of Lot 1831 Main Street Central Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden were both charged by Police on Thursday with the offence of Unlawful Wounding, Contrary to Section (50) of the Criminal Law Offenses Act Chapter 8:01, committed on Dwayne Mitchell, a 19-year-old miner of Wisroc, Linden which occurred on December 26, 2022 at Block 22, Wismar Linden.

Both accused appeared at the Linden Magistrate’s Court before Her Worship, Wonda Fortune, who read the charges to them.

They were not required to plea and were both remanded to prison. The matter was adjourned to March 9, 2023.