Alleged child molester among 2 in custody for missing Berbice teen


Two persons are now in custody after a missing child’s report was filed at the Sisters Village Police Station on the East Bank of Berbice.

Missing: Leonard Archibald

Among the suspects is a man who villagers say has a past of sexually molesting young boys.
The missing teenager has been identified as Leonard Archibald.

The 13-year-old, who attends Overwinning Secondary School, was last seen on Sunday night.

Reports are that the missing boy was last seen riding a bicycle along the main access road on the East Bank of Berbice, wearing only a pair of trousers.

He had left home to accompany his three sisters from a birthday party in the neighbouring village.

Orin Archibald, the now missing teen’s brother, told this publication that his brother accompanied their three sisters to a birthday party one village away and was waiting to accompany them back home. Persons had also seen him in the vicinity of the party until shortly after dark.

The teen’s mother, Abigail Archibald, explained that her son left their Lot 51 Brothers Village home to collect the girls and they claimed that he did pick them up from the party. “He pick them up after the party then take off with his bicycle and leff dem on the road. He tell dem that he riding up, so when they meet home they ask me fo he… he brother dem went an look fo he but dem ent find he,” she explained.

A missing persons report was then made at the Sisters Police Station.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Deputy Superintendent of Police Gary Mc Allister told the media that several persons have been questioned but two have been detained.

A brother of the missing boy, Orin, related that the main suspect whose only name was given as Edwards, is known in the village as a child molester.

Villagers say there are reports that he would tie up young boys and molest them.

However, despite these allegations, the villagers say none of the alleged incidents have been reported to the Police.

The family is calling for the teen’s safe return. (Andrew Carmichael)


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