Alleged bandit attempts to disarm officer, eventually subdued


A gunshot was fired downtown Georgetown on Saturday afternoon after an alleged bandit attempted to relieve an officer of his service pistol.


According to reports received, the officer, Adam Hoyte was on patrol duties when he spotted 34-year-old, Marlon Frederick, of Tiger Bay, who was reportedly wanted in connection with a robbery, between Charlotte and Regent Streets, Georgetown.

As such, Hoyte attempted to apprehend Fredrick who began to run on the seeing the officer approaching. The Officer gave chase and caught up with the suspect on Robb Street.

However, Frederick reportedly attacked Hoyte with the intention of removing his service pistol, a 9mm Taurus, which was holstered on his waist.

During the attack, the firearm reportedly discharged one round.

While no one was shot, both men received injuries to their heads as a result of the ensuing scuffle.

Fredrick was later subdued and escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was treated and is being kept for observation.

Hoyte was also treated and sent away. Investigations are continuing. (Kizzy Coleman)


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