All protocols were followed in land acquisition, says Manickchand


…as more officials questioned by SOCU 

As agents of the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) continue their ‘investigations’ of former government and other officials, former ministers Irfaan Ali, Priya Manickchand, Nandakishore Gopaul and Shaik Baksh were detained and questioned earlier today.

Former prime minister Sam Hinds and former education minister Priya Manickchand making their way into SOCU headquarters earlier today

When INews arrived at the SOCU headquarters earlier today, Ali had already been questioned and released. Manickchand had left to pursue other engagements but subsequently returned to the SOCU headquarters for questioning.

Manickchand in a brief comment to the media disclosed that her interrogation by agents of SOCU consisted of questions relating to her land acquisition in Pradoville 2.

She told media operatives that her response to SOCU’s representatives was that she applied for a plot of land in Region 4 through the National Housing Program offered by the then PPP/C Administration;and all protocols were followed.
Manickchand said that she does not expect to be called back to SOCU for further questioning, but supported Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo’s claim that the APNU/AFC Government is only arresting and detaining former Cabinet members as a means to distract citizens from the real issues facing the country.
She contended though, that while this may serve as distraction to Guyanese for “a day or two”, the tax burdens implemented by the Administration will not be forgotten.

Meanwhile, Gopaul told media operatives that his interrogation was based on the role he played at the National Communications Network (NCN).

Former minister of home affairs Clement Rohee
Yesterday, Jagdeo, former head of the presidential secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, daughter of Donald Ramotar; Lisa Ramotar, Dr Ghansham Singh, former private sector commission president, Ramesh Dookhoo, former natural resources minister, Robert Persaud among others, were all detained for questioning regarding lands the present Government claim they had acquired through questionable means.

In analysing the situation, Jagdeo said yesterday, he strongly believes these unprecedented actions taken by SOCU are politically motivated and meant to silence the vociferous voices against the wrongdoings of the coalition.

“I sympathise for the people who work here (SOCU) because they are under severe political pressure. Every week, the Head of the State Assets Recovery Unity, Dr Clive Thomas speaks about who they should lock up. A week ago, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, ahead of a Police investigation, talked about locking up people this week. The Attorney General put $100 million in his budget to come after political opponents,” he outlined.

Jagdeo maintained his long held position that Government’s priorities are backwards as instead of focusing on developing the country, it is employing vindictive and witch-hunting strategies.

“The reason the Government is doing this is because it is failing miserably in every single area across the country. It is facing the wrath of many ordinary people, [People’s Progressive Party] PPP supporters as well as [A Partnership for National Unity] APNU supporters because it has not delivered on any of its promises, it can’t lead this country to a prosperous future. In fact, people’s welfares are declining, more and more people are protesting its actions… the country is in economic disarray and we are seeing a steady insidious move to erode our constitutional rights,” he stated.

More persons are expected to be detained later today for questioning. (Ramona Luthi) 


  1. lock them up man…all of them…only sam and leonchon i would let off…i dont know how them gone jail bharat but all the rest theif till them cant theif no more…push boys push,,,take hanoman and datadin out of the pic, them is crooks too…
    power is loaned, food for tought for those who are in power now and hustling

  2. A cheap distraction to get everyone’s attention from the current crisis in the country. taxes and more VAT, with no money in circulation along with paid parking. When they done guyana back to what it was b 4 1992.


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