‘All hands needed to take Guyana forward’ – Prime Minister tells Berbicians at flag raising ceremony


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo told Berbicians, earlier today, that all Guyanese regardless of race, colour, religion or political inclination must come together as a united people to take Guyana forward.

The Prime Minister was at the time addressing hundreds of Berbicians gathered on the lawns of the State House of New Amsterdam for the Region Six flag raising ceremony.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo

Prime Minister Nagamootoo explained that the celebrations at this time have always been about the nature of “who we are as Guyanese, where we have come as a people and where we are headed.”

He expressed the view that, “we have a continental destiny with the rest of South America. So when the Guyana ship would continue to sail after midnight tonight into a new 50-year cycle, we would want to conclude that cycle with all our new generation speaking English, speaking Spanish, speaking French, speaking Portuguese and possibly speaking Dutch because our navel string is buried in this continent, and we have a continental destiny so that is how we believe that we are going to be reborn great.”

The Prime Minister asked that respect be given to those who contributed to the struggle for Guyana’s independence and urged that everyone come on board to further develop the country.

“I believe that all of our political leaders of our political parties, they deserve to be commended for the role they played to bring us this far, and if we are to move forward we need every hand on the deck as I refer to the Guyana ship. We need all hands on the paddle we can’t look at which paddle is red or green or yellow, we have to be like the Guyana team, we have to bat for Guyana, bowl for Guyana, run for Guyana and above all we must win for Guyana.”

Meanwhile, Regional Chairman David Armogan in his reflection of Guyana’s independence stated that 50 years after, “today we will see a repeat of the celebrations that occurred on Thursday, May 26, 1966.”

He joined with the Prime Minister in calling on all Guyanese to live together as one and work for the development of the country since there is no doubt that Guyana has progressed significantly over the last 50 years.

Recently elected Mayor of New Amsterdam, Kirt Wynter told the gathering that the celebrations in 1966 started four days prior to Guyana becoming independent. He explained that 50 years after and the celebration continues along the same line.

The attendees were treated to a rich cultural programme which included dances, songs, dramatic poems and African and Tassa drumming.

Also gracing the stage was the Mariachi Men – a Mexican group who are in Guyana to participate in the Jubilee Celebrations.(GINA)



  1. This entire government personel were given a 360 degree compass, that is say something, then turn around and do the complete opposite.

  2. Aye. Moses on the ball. Can’t stop he. And he know people won be buying his “baloney”.. he jump hurdles and playing hopscotch.. good for him. At least he give credit to his fellow predecessors and colleagues of the party that brought decency and improved way of life art Burnham and Co just destroyed this beautiful land of ours.. go Moses go. Hopefully the “buck” stops soon.

  3. All hands on deck,but you jumped ship,sailing in a Cadillac lifestyle in a donkey cart economy.


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