Alim Shah Stores dropped from uniform voucher programme


…“victimisation” by Govt for Guyana Times column, claims Ryhaan Shah

The management of Alim Shah Stores on Regent Street and in Corentyne, notes that their stores have been dropped from Government’s School Uniform Voucher programme for the first time since the programme began under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Government.
From the list issued by the Education Ministry in its full page advertisement it appears that Alim Shah is the only business that has been singled out for omission this year. The management feels that this is a direct result of Alim Shah’s daughter, Ryhaan Shah, a columnist of Guyana Times, being critical of the David Granger Administration.
According to Ryhaan Shah, “as an Indian rights activist” she was also very critical of the PPP/C Government but her father’s business was never singled out for victimisation under that government. She feels Guyana is moving once again into dangerous territory where “criticism of the Government is being stifled and any critics will be aware that they will pay a heavy price.”

Rhyaan Shah
Rhyaan Shah

Since the Alim Shah stores provide competitively priced school uniforms, the management feels that while government’s decision to drop the stores might affect business, the shops will continue to do back-to-school business. “It will also affect the local manufacturers who employ people to sew the uniforms for us, but we’ll all manage,” Alim Shah said.
Alim Shah has been in business since 1947 and noted that the business survived the worst of the Burnham era: “Being dropped is a setback but we’ll continue to do business. Our good prices and product will continue to attract customers. I’m very disappointed with the Granger Government’s decision but I’ve lived through it all and this will not break us.”
Ryhaan Shah says she is very troubled that government has taken this decision to “victimise her father and her father’s business. He’s 90 years old and has never hurt anyone. This is plain cowardice. Why not come after me?” she said.

(Reprinted: Guyana Times)


  1. You are a true business entity, one of the few businesses that are CLEAN in many ways,you are a target of political foolishness that won’t stop you or your family from continuing to be blessed, it’s a clear indication of not having a choice to chose a political party, GOD BLESS you and family

  2. The morons wouldn’t come after you because they know you are and they sheep in wolf clothing.They rule by force and intimidation that”s all they know- they never own anything or created any jobs period —

  3. This is what dictators do–comrades this is only the beginning of what to come –stay tuned–the kabaka is alive and well –this man is power drunk he has no vision for the country maybe only for ppl of his kind.He now wants to change the judicial system this man is sick.

  4. This is nothing short of victimization. This is a popular store that help out its community. I guess AMANA ALLY, SOCIAL COHESION IS JUST A POSTER FOR APNU. BURNHAM TACTICS BACK IN WORKS.

  5. Let Government give you the reason why just as a sudden they did not give you the contract you had for years so you can confirm victimization.


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