Ali urges gov’t to reduce electricity rates by at least 30%

PPP/C's Presidential candidate Irfaan Ali

People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament, Mr Irfaan Ali, has called on the Government to immediately adjust electricity rates and fuel prices to reflect the reality of a drop in fuel prices worldwide.

PPP/C Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali
PPP/C Member of Parliament, Irfaan Ali

Ali said Guyanese consumers must, for instance, benefit from the tremendous cost savings that the Government and the Guyana Power and Light is receiving.
Alluding to the fact that more than 50 per cent of the cost of production is attributed to fuel charges, he said that “at a minimum” the Government should consider a reduction of 30 per cent in electricity tariff.
“This would not only help households but the manufacturing sector which would redound to the overall benefit of the economy,” Ali posited.
According to him, it is also highly “unfair” that consumers are asked to bear high fuel prices when the international price for fuel came down in excess of 40 per cent within the last eight months.
“There is no justification for the prices currently paid at the pump. The minibus association and taxi association cannot remain silent on this issue. Prices must be adjusted to the benefit of the consumers,” the PPP/C Member of Parliament contended.
He explained that a free and open market must be able to bring benefit when commodity prices are low, and the Government should be made aware that Guyanese are very much looking forward to these benefits.



  1. Dk –the PPP couldn’t do anything and any attempt to do so would be a good reasons for the thugs to burn loot rape and kill innocent ppl.This is a fact history tells all.Only the APNU can control ppl of their own –the same thing happens in other parts of the world —look at Baltimore ,Ferguson ,Chicago in the US..

  2. Go big monkey howl it out,the only and BEST government in the history of Guyana is ,,,,,,,,lets howl it out 3 Peeeesss,,,NO body else is fit to govern,,,yardi you wrong…

  3. Ali urges gov’t to reduce electricity rates by at least 30%
    Ah waan ask Ifrran questions…
    When you were in power for 23 years what did you do to stop electricity theft in certain villages known to be PNC strongholds?
    Why were Lindeners not paying the same rate as other were paying or others pay the same rate as Lindeneres were paying?
    Why were PPP and GPL talking about raising electricity rates due to massive electricity theft?
    Well I will tell you PPP people something now.
    PPP can win election once free fair transparent but you cant rule..
    Look what the mayor Hammie Gree and City Hall official were allowed to do to citizens of Georgetown for your 23 years in office. They stink up the joint because you could not reign them in out of fear of PNC.
    PPP president sent in the GDF into Buxton to help police reign in the Buxton base criminal gang. What did the GDF and Police found there?
    PPP installed 911 emergency line.. Those you hired could not even bothered to pick up the 911 calls.
    PPP – did you not see GDF –Fire Fighters and City Hall people volunteering their time and effort in cleaning up the stink they created to make you PPP look bad?
    PPP you dont have security on your side when you in power so how can you rule.
    GPL top dogs cant ask security to go into some villages where electricity theft is rampant but PPP and GPL talking about raising rates on those that were paying through their noses already. PPP can not and dare not utter that Lindeners pay same as all others . How then can PPP Govern??

  4. Close you big mouth and show us the proof GLORIAY–corruption where ? You talk about corruption look at the present admin less than a year at the helm and money run out these ppl are travelling like full time vacationers and partying every week .I guess you cant see because they are of your kind.

  5. All drivers will have to continue to pay the current price for gas or expect to pay more, because the PNC is not aware of what Irfaan Ali is talking about. The PNC is not aware that gas price drop in the world market. If the PNC drop the price, then where would they get money from to pay all those Ministers raise? I think the PPP need to allow the PNC to bankrupt the country. The PPP had 23 years in office and all they did was building the treasury for the PNC. The PPP took a bankrupt NICIL from the PNC and leave it with TENS OF BILLIONS! Now the PNC is paying Goolsarran tens of Millions to count it for them. What a shame!

  6. Yadie –you full a talk but you have no proof. The APNU admin will go down as the most incompetent in the history of the promise land- time will tell.we will be worst than Haiti–

  7. Gloriay because of the ppp your brothers and sisters had food on the table to eat ,they are able to turn the tap on and take a shower,however very soon that will be changed you better wake,with these morons in power there is no light at the end of the tunnel only darkness ,its the return of the Burnham days.I suggest you get your facts in order and not make dumb comments because you despise a ppl.If it wasn’t for the PPP there would lots of white mouth ppl like you in GT.

  8. I am guessing that during the 23 years of corruption orchestrated by the PPPC fuel prices never dropped and the corrupt government never had the privilege and option of reducing electricity costs to the Guyanese consumers. Or did fuel prices drop several times and the PPPC deliberately ignored it? Does this make the PPPC appear hypocritical and disingenuous or merely complaining for the sake of being heard and making themselves nuisances.

  9. Its about time some one stand up for the ppl in Guyana. It was done before in the PPP government and its way overdue now.

  10. Ali you PPP guys need to realised that you are not running the show and thus need to allow the Govt of the day to run that country the way its being run now.PPP had 23 yrs to do all that they are requesting now but rather utilised that time to fulfilled their personal gains.Back off and let the competent Administration run the country.Shameless,scandalious,dangerous,bitter,and liard PPP go buried urselves your time is long gone,move on and acknowledged the elected Govt of the day.


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