Ali chides business community for not supporting trade expo


Tourism Minister [ag], Irfaan Ali.
Tourism Minister [ag], Irfaan Ali.
Tourism Minister [ag], Irfaan Ali has lashed out at some sections of the business community in Guyana for not supporting the Trade and Tourism Expo, which is being held in Toronto.


During his feature address at the Annual General Meeting [AGM] of the Private Sector Commission [PSC] on Tuesday, Minister Ali stated that he is aware that some of the “big businesses” in Guyana refuse to contribute to the exposition.

“There are many big businesses, large businesses in Guyana that refused to contribute to that trade and tourism expo and on the other hand, there are many small businesses that make exceptional contribution to be at that expo.

Sometimes they are even ashamed to be branded as Guyana. I look sometimes at some ads in international magazines and on the international screens, whether it be on aircrafts, and I see the skillful maneuvers to avoid certain branding,” Ali stated.

He explained that the perception which some people have of Guyana can drive businesses and investments away from the country. As such, he called n the PSC to take a much stronger position on the perception issue, which he said threatens the environment.

“What are you, scared of the perception or are we falling victim to the perception? Guyana is ours.  We have the responsibility, public and private sector to own it, to develop it, to expand it and to promote it,” the Minister said.