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Vincent Alexander working to undermine GECOM & give credence to APNU+AFC’s false allegations

Peoples Progressive Party/Civic·Friday, 29 May 2020:

Vincent Alexander is quoted by the Guyana Chronicle today as saying that GECOM has opened up a probe into ‘allegations of fraud’ leveled by officials of the APNU+AFC during the ongoing recount.

It is worthy to note that none of the three opposition nominated Commissioners are aware of such a decision taken at the level of the Commission nor was there any such public announcement by the Commission itself.
It appears that Alexander, a central figure in the APNU+AFC plot to rig the elections, has abrogated unto himself the role of GECOM spokesperson.

He seems to be working with Roxanne Myers and others of the Secretariat to undermine the Commission and to give credence to APNU+AFC’s false allegations.

The CEO, Mr Lowenfield needs to urgently say whether he or the Chair has given directions to embark on an exercise outside of their remit.

Alexander is notably silent on the fraud perpetrated by Clairmont Mingo and apparently has no desire to have this investigated as it should be.

The APNU+AFC is once again in desperation mode as the amended recount order has given a finite date for the declaration; a move they had fiercely resisted. The declaration says:
‘The Commission shall, ………… later than three(3) days after receiving the report, make the declaration of the results of the final credible count of the elections held on the 2nd day of March 2020’

A final credible count can only mean the recount since Mingo’s count was fraudulent.