Albouystown youth stabbed to death by girlfriend’s relative


Devon Xavier, 20, of La Penitence Street, Albouystown was on Saturday evening stabbed to death allegedly by a relative of his girlfriend who did not approve of their relationship.

Reports are that Xavier was visiting his girlfriend at Sophia, Greater Georgetown when she suddenly instructed him to leave as her father and cousin approached.

Police said the relatives were not in favour of the relationship.

When the father and cousin approached, the father reportedly told the young lady to go into the house.

The girlfriend told investigators that she observed when her cousin grabbed Xavier and stabbed him to chest.

The cousin then made good his escape while Xavier collapsed to the ground.

The body was subsequently examined by a doctor from the Alberttown EMT and the young man was pronounced dead.

Police said efforts were made to locate the suspect but with no success.

The father of the girlfriend is currently in custody assisting with the investigations.