Albouystown fatal shooting being investigated by OPR



By Leroy Smith

Dead: Adrian Bishop
Dead: Adrian Bishop

[] – The Guyana Police Force is asking persons who witnessed the shooting of 28 – year – old Adrian Bishop to come forward and give statements since the matter is now being investigated.

Information reaching iNews suggests that the Police Office for Professional Responsibility (OPR) and the Criminal Investigation Department are investigating the matter since there are conflicting reports of what exactly transpired on the night that Bishop was shot.

While residents are claiming that Bishop was shot in the neck by a police officer on Saturday September 20, the Guyana Police Force is claiming that he was shot during a struggle with the Officer.

Ranks on the patrol who were called to the Hill Street, Albouystown location have already submitted statements to the OPR and CID.

Residents are claiming that Bishop did not resist the officers but told them that he is not going to the police station, even though he was already in the vehicle. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex – girlfriend, who is a police officer.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that the police officer then “cranked” his weapon and shot Bishop in the neck, after which he allegedly dropped the gun and exclaimed, “Oh Sh*t! I didn’t know the gun would go off.”

Eyewitnesses claim that the Police Officer then made a telephone call and informed some that “I just killed a man.”

However, according to the Police, while being transported to the police station, Bishop held onto a policeman who was armed with a shotgun and a struggle ensued during which he was shot to his neck.

Meanwhile, Bishop’s actual girlfriend, ‘Tasha’, explained that it was a case of the ‘crazy ex’.

She told iNews that she and Bishop lived together and that his ex – girlfriend, who was identified as a CID Officer, visited the Albouystown home and “created a scene.”

Tasha said that Bishop slapped the woman, which then prompted the Ex to call the Police.




  1. Gary if all of us give views like you are doing the country will not be in so much confusion, let the media take some time and say what the victims go true at the hands of these church boys, he bishop is a saint that was killed by the police, let the media go and tell the same shit to the girls that got rape in the last weeks tell them

  2. why de police have to beg for eyewitness to come forward with info ? look how many eye wickedness de talking to all de media people. what happened? they all get cold foot now? yeah yeah rite ah see police chasing duh chuch boi and he put he hands in de air like surrendering an ah see police gun he down in clold blood is some of these media eyewitnesses dem does say and de media does print it.


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