Airlines for America urge US to reject Fly Jamaica’s petition for direct flights


fly jam web[]Airlines for America (A4A) is urging the United States Department of Transport to reject Fly Jamaica’s petition for a review and reversal of the department’s denial for Fly Jamaica to have direct Guyana –New York flights.

In a letter sent by Vice President of A4A, James Casey to the US Transport Department, A4A is urging the Department to stick to its initial decision to deny Fly Jamaica direct access to the US.

According to the A4A letter, “Fly Jamaica in its petition has not provided any new information that would justify reversing the Department’s denial in the Order of the extrabilateral authority sought. Moreover, Fly Jamaica has not cited any deficiencies in the content or the implementation of the March 25, 2013 U.S.- Guyana Open- Skies Agreement that would warrant the relief sought.

This means that there is no basis to change the Department’s September 30th decision. We urge the Department to reject the petition for review and, in doing so, state that the appropriate way to develop foreign air transportation is to improve the commercial aviation environment overseas.”

On September 30, the US Transport Department rejected the application of Fly Jamaica, which sought permission to have direct flights between Guyana and New York.

This means that passengers using this service will have to in transit in Jamaica before heading to New York. Fly Jamaica has since petitioned the Department to reverse its decision.




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