Air Services Limited adds scheduled flights to Reg. 7


Air Services Limited (ASL) Guyana this morning launched their Cuyuni Mazaruni (Region Seven) scheduled service, which will cater to the needs of several communities in the Upper and Middle Mazaruni.

The service, which will be available every Tuesday and Thursday will provide service to residents of Kamarang, Imbaimadai, Phillipai, Chi Chi East, Chi Chi West, Paruima, Kaikan and Ekereku Bottom, among others.

Previously, flights were only available to these villages through a charter, which is very costly.

Manager of ASL, Annette Arjoon- Martins, in her remarks, said that the company was started 50 years ago in a little wooden shed. From then to now, she noted, ASL has made great strides and is pleased to now add the region to its roster.

Arjoon-Martins noted that at present, the company offers helicopter trips to the top of Mount Roraima and tourists have been clamouring to visit other parts of the region as well. She therefore anticipates that with the introduction of the new flights, a tourism product which will be beneficial to the entire region, can be developed.

Meanwhile, Lee Williams, Toshao of Paruima, said that he is most pleased with the service coming on board since it will significantly assist his community as well others to boost their tourism and farming products.

“We have to charter flights usually and so we are happy and I have to commend Air Services. Paruima is the only Arecuna people in Guyana so it is unique and we are trying to develop our tourism product to bring economic activities in our community. So now this service is here, it can really boost our tourism,” he said.

Minister of State, Dawn Hastings-Williams, who hails from Kako Village, Region Seven, in her remarks, said that she is quite pleased to see the introduction of the scheduled flights, since it is often times difficult for residents to travel from their villages to Georgetown and vice versa. [Extracted and Modified from Ministry of the Presidency]