AG rejects proposals made by Red House Committee – PPP alleges

Cheddi Jagan Research Centre
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams
Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams

[] – The Opposition is making it clear that no “PPP delegation” met with Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams for talks to have the Red House deal revamped.

A press statement from the Party on November 06 clarified that there are no ‘talks’ between the PPP and the AG; as a matter of fact, it was noted that Mr. Williams met with representatives of the Management Committee of Red House.

According to the statement, the PPP advised the Committee against meeting with the Attorney General in the absence of any written communication from the AG’s Chambers on the matter.

“However, two members of the Management Committee persisted and proceeded to the meeting with Mr. Williams only to have their views/proposals rebuffed by Williams as was predicted by the PPP,” the PPP statement revealed.

iNews had reported that the APNU+AFC administration will be making steps towards scrapping the lease deal that governs the plot of land, which is currently occupied by the Cheddi Jagan Research Center.

This was revealed by Attorney General, Basil Williams who told reporters at a news conference on October 28 that the government has already engaged the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on the issue.

Cheddi Jagan Research Centre
Cheddi Jagan Research Centre

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon had shockingly revealed to the National Assembly on August 21, that the former PPP/C administration had privatized Red House and placed several members of the PPP hierarchy as the directors of the entity.

It was also revealed that the property was leased to the company for 99 years at a rate of $12,000 per year; which is $1,000 per month.

But according to the PPP statement today, “The APNU+AFC may very well, by omission or commission provoke certain extremist, racist elements in our midst who, for reasons known only to them, seek by any means possible, to advance their “cause” based on hate, distrust and rejection of the Granger-led coalition administration’s efforts to bring into disrepute a symbol associated with the life and work of Cheddi Jagan.”



  1. Sad to see that the racism from colonial times still do exist. Burnham and his cronies looted Guyana, then Jagdeo and his cronies did the same thing. Then today the poor man still keep attacking each other based on ethnicity. There is hope…We will eventually become smarter due to the Internet and greater information sharing.The young people of future generations will stop this nonsense and make Guyana a better place for all..

  2. Political avariciousness by PPP clowns. You claim ownership of what does not belong to you. Jagan is the most honest politician for you, not all of us. We can remember his gardener who could barely read and spell being given a position far beyond his ability.

    Jagan was not an international Political Leader. That is your problem. You are supposed to speak a language, but Christ,you never seem able to understand its terms and definitions. Cheddie Jagan was a sectorial ethnic leader, he was not a national leaders. He led Indians, governed for Indians, and was concerned with Indians. The problem with many Guyanese Indians is that they live in this illusion that Indian Supremacy is equivalent to Good Governance of Guyana. It is not, and will never be.

  3. Since the PPP did not meet with the opposition when it made decisions on this building which is owned by the state, why does the PPP believe that the Government have some moral obligation to meet with it in any decision it takes on the building. We do not accept the equal and more equal Orwellian principle that has come to represent the foundation of the PPP’s thinking.

    The building is owned by the State. Doctor Jagan is not entitled to any state owned building as is no former President. Doctor Jagan is no more valuable historically to Guyana than Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte. The PPP need to understand that the time has passed when its partisan demands will be given priority in Guyana. If the building is designated to recognize any President, it will recognize all Presidents, because it is not owned by the PPP and its constituents.

  4. This place is only associated with Dr. Jagan and is part of our history. Why would this Government seek to dismantle Dr. Jagan legacy?????Dr. Jagan fought for our freedom and the restoration of democracy. The AG should not tamper with the legacy of our icon.

  5. If that is so FLACO then the PPP/C members should have built it with their own resources. Not state resources. Once state resource and people hard earn tax money is use, then it is open for all of GUYANESE to use and benefit from. I have no problem with a special building for any President but it cannot and should not be our tax payers heavy burden….

  6. Political vindictiveness is at play here and nothing else. If the land was leased, then let the PPP haters go to the courts to have the least cancelled. The rule of law must prevail over political agenda. Let them get another building for the election riggers and not be placed along side with one of the most honest international political leaders. Long live the life and works of Chedi Jagan! Long live the legacy!

  7. The Famous Red House is associated with Cheddi Jagan and no other Politician.How Can Basil Williams wants Burnham and Hoyte to be now linked to it.The in not right


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