AG presents case to strike out Red House matter


The Attorney General Basil Williams, SC today presented before Chief Justice Acting Yonnette Cummings Edwards reasons why the legal proceedings on the Red House dispute should be thrown out.

Williams contended that the court has no jurisdiction on the matter since the Red House lease is invalid and therefore could not be pleaded in any court of justice.

He argued that the Red House should have been treated in the manner of a transport as is required by law.

The AG further reasoned that no one can come to a court to sue the President or challenge any actions taken by the President.

Attorney at Law, Anil Nandlall, in his affidavit, recognized that President David Granger had ordered that the Red House lease be revoked.

Moreover, the AG contended that Nandlall failed to make full and frank disclosures about his contention in the Red House matter.

Against this backdrop, he contended that the court has no jurisdiction and should not even hear the matter.

Nandlall, in response, argued that the AG contentions are deeply flawed and that the points made do not relate to the jurisdiction of the court.

He posited that they relate to whether the case has merits or not and that those arguments are premature to be made at this stage of the proceedings.

According to the Williams, the matter will be called up again on March 2, 2017. (Devina Samaroo)


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