After hours of searching, still no sight of Trans Guyana Aircraft or crew


[]At the end of today, Saturday January 18, following ground and air search based on information received, there has been no sighting of 8R-GHS Trans Guyana Cessna Caravan that went missing earlier.

The air search for the aircraft has been terminated for the day at 18: 00hrs due the poor lighting, but will resume tomorrow morning at 06:30hrs.

The aircraft is fitted with all of the appropriate emergency equipment including an Emergency Locator Beacon, 406Mhz. A check with the US Mission Control Centre (USMCC) from which information concerning aircraft ELT signals is transmitted, has informed that they have not received any signal from the aircraft’s beacon. The Rescue Coordination Centre will continue its’ operation.

An aircraft will be deployed to overfly the area of interest tonight to look for any signs of the missing aircraft.

Search and Rescue Units, two helicopters and an Islander and a Cessna Caravan and the GDF Special Force Officers will continue with the search operation tomorrow commencing from an area identified as the area of interest. Additional personnel will also be deployed from coast to assist with the search.



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