AFC’s No Confidence Motion is “force ripe” – Rohee says as he beats up on the Party

PPP's General Secretary, Clement Rohee and Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan.


By Kurt Campbell

General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP/C, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – General Secretary of the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee says the Alliance for Change (AFC) is bankrupt and is being driven by desperation rather than a real sense of political purpose.

Speaking at his weekly media briefing this morning [Monday, October 27], Rohee said the AFC has placed all its political eggs in one basket and out of desperation has been forced to postpone its congress which was slated for this month.

He didn’t stop there; in a poetic like manner, Rohee added that the Party [AFC] is like a rudderless ship, drifting along the sea of despair hoping for some miracle to save it from sinking as a result of it force ripe no confidence motion.

“The AFC knocking from pillar to post, a sad state of affairs indeed,” Rohee told the news conference.

He told reporters that political observers should not be surprised if the “corpse” of the AFC sponsored no confidence motion is found “floating in political wilderness.”

He pointed out that many of the AFC’s financial supporters have deserted Party; making that his basis for declaring that the AFC is both bankrupt and desperate.

Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews' Photo]
Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews’ Photo]
With confidence, Rohee assured that his Party will survive the motion which the main political Opposition has signaled its willingness to support.

To this end, the Rohee said the PPP has noted with interest the widening divergence of views between AFC and its counterpart – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on the no confidence motion.

“APNU is not on same page as AFC, the Opposition Leader has said that he wants local government elections.”

Speaking authoritatively for the Opposition Leader, Rohee said “APNU will not allow itself to be driven by an AFC agenda and would rather allow the order paper to be given prominence.”

According to the General Secretary, “The main Opposition has made its preference clear that its focus is on local government elections… it will not allow itself to be arm twisted by the AFC’s rush into general elections.”

Rohee reasoned that this is so especially when the APNU is still festering with issues within its camp.

“AFC is swimming against political tide,” he said; adding that “Guyanese are fed up with the politics of negativity.”

He says the AFC however seems bent on having its own way despite calls for continuity and political stability.


  1. Real eye opener…de peeper from mooklall tabloid gossip news seh AFC will not win none ah dat yuh tink dem PPPites will vote overwhelmingly for PNC so when they go to conduct their business like at city hall the PNCites shake dem donk for all its worth?? yeah i fuget fab boi king kabaka and deadmon height used to be loved by PPP main base supporters giving them 75% and 80% of de de maths fuh meh leh me know if back then to now if indians love the black rulers more than their own leaders.

  2. The PPP is on its last lap. Even if parliament vote for L.G.E’s ,when they lose most of the regions. That will be the nail and 2016 G.E’s will be there coffen. R.I.P

  3. If the AFC’s no-confidence motion is ‘force ripe’ why has the PPP been scared since October 10 to call on the Speaker to reconvene Parliament? When the PPP gets booted, where will this guy find work?

  4. 1—-hotel peg not making mega bucks like it once did..people have other choices these days rather than stay in roach infested hotels….Badall is a big time money donor to Jattan and Nagamoottoo..who pledged to stop the Marriott dead in its tracks…not done..Badall asking back for his money…money not there says AFC..
    Media Mogul Giant Mooklall KN deep in doo doo and looks like he going to jail for tax evasion and threatening the GRA boss…He is a mega AFC money donor..
    Looks like Mooklall is deep behind the no confidence scene since the Mook have loads of money to install a president of his choice who will dance to his tune.
    De PNCites in AFC had other plans for their money…
    I call all of them L Bagoo and K Munuu….
    I glad all ah dem get raab…even Morris raab and Dick dem to.


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