AFC’s Michael Leonard resigns from party

Michael Leonard (in yellow)

Michael Leonard (in yellow) speaking to members of the media. [File photo]

Chairman of the Alliance For Change’s (AFC) Georgetown Chapter and Councillor at the Georgetown Mayor and City Council Michael Leonard has resigned from the party.

His departure comes on the heels a series of resignations from the APNU+AFC where many members expressed disappointment in the way the party is functioning.

But Leonard, during a brief interview with INews, explained that his departure from the AFC is an “amicable” one and that the party accepted his resignation when he submitted it late Monday afternoon.

“It’s an amicable resignation. There is no ill will towards the party or myself,” he said.

The politician said that the decision to step away from the AFC was one he arrived at after a careful consideration of his contributions over the years.

“I’ve contributed as much as I can so I am just making some space for others to move up in the party and take up some of the positions. Like I said, I contributed as much as I think I can. I worked with Blue Caps and Team Legacy in relation to raise awareness of Local Government Elections. I participated in Local Government Elections and I have been a Councillor for the past two and a half years so I am just making some space for some others to be a part of the political process,” Leonard related.

In relation to his post as a Councillor, Leonard revealed he is yet to submit his resignation. He added that he is currently in the process of seeking clarification as to who or which entity he has to submit the resignation to.

Leonard, when asked about his next move, said that he is indefinitely stepping out of the political spotlight.

“I am not too sure what the next move is and I think I contributed as much as I think I can. I’ve worked with Blue Caps in 2014 to raise awareness of Local Government Elections and then I contested with Team Legacy for Local Government Election in 2018 and in 2018 I contested with AFC. I’ve done as much as I can and I think others need the opportunity to be a part of the process so if I am out of the process then other can step in. I don’t want to just sit down there for a long time,” he further stated.

In February, Joel Edmond, the husband of Opposition coalition Member of Parliament Geeta Chandan-Edmond, resigned from the AFC.

In the letter, which was addressed to AFC General Secretary David Patterson, Edmond further noted “… I completely withdraw my support from the AFC Party, hence by further extension my total disassociation from the APNU+AFC.”

Edmond served two terms as an Executive Member and thanked the party for the opportunity but stressed that this is not the end of his political career.

“This resignation does not mean the end of my political career since I intend to continue the fight for the true sense of democracy in Guyana,” he had posited.

Additionally, former coalition MP in the 11th Parliament, Reynard Ward also resigned, saying the party is locked “…in a broken, abusive and one-sided relationship…” with the PNC-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

According to Ward, during the pre-coalition era, the party was considered the public’s “pitbull” but is now a puppet to the People’s National Congress.