AFC willing to join forces with PPP, APNU

AFC Members share the platform with members of the APNU during a recent rally at the Square of the Revolution.

By Kurt Campbell

From L - R: APNU Leader, David Granger; Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan and President Donald Ramotar.
From L – R: APNU Leader, David Granger; Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan and President Donald Ramotar.

[] – Alliance For Change (AFC) Leader Khemraj Ramjattan has indicated the Party’s willingness to join forces with the members of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and the main opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to lead a pro- democracy alliance.

Speaking at the AFC’s National Conference this morning (December 06), he registered his confidence in the AFC’s ability to lead such an alliance even as the Party begins its elections campaign.

“Indeed the AFC is ready to enter, if necessary, into negotiations to lead a pro-democracy alliance with progressive forces, workers unions, political forces and by political forces we mean even PPP members who have been disenfranchised and APNU,” Ramjattan said.

Boasting of the AFC’s ability and leadership to offer Guyana a brighter future, Ramjattan said the Party firmly believes every citizen, group and political party that has something wholesome to offer to the efforts of a renewed Guyana must find a way to corporate and deliver to the people, a government of national unity.

“One which the politics of inclusion reins over the politics of fear and division,” he added.

Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes
Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes

Meanwhile, Party Chairman Nigel Hughes gave support to the Leader with a presentation titled: “A New Day for Inclusionary Democracy”.

He cited several articles of the constitution, including Article 13 which mandates “The principal objective of the political system of the State is to establish an inclusionary democracy by providing increased opportunities for the participation of citizens and the organisations in the management and decision making processes of the State with particular emphasis on those areas of decision making that directly affect their well- being”.

He explained if Article 13 has mandated that principal objective of the political system is to establish an inclusionary democracy then the manifestation of inclusionary democracy is a mirage as Article 50 locates democratic power effectively in the hands of the President complemented by complete immunity in the exercise of the powers vested in the supreme organs of “democratic power”.

“We believe that the principles set out in Article 13 should apply to the composition of the cabinet so that in this organ inclusionary democracy is reflected,” Hughes said in his presentation.

He noted that the organs of democratic power should consist of the National Assembly and the Presidency with the Presidency being the minor of the two organs.

According to Hughes, in the event that a new constitution identifies and locates the organs of democratic power in the National Assembly and the Presidency, then the election of the President shall be effected directly by the people and not by virtue of being head of any party as exists at present.

Under the current arrangements the President is elected by virtue of being the Presidential Candidate stated on the list of candidates which he/ she heads.  

This arrangement fuses the election of a party to the National Assembly with the election of the candidate for President.

“This removes from the electorate the opportunity of voting for a directly for the President but confirms them to the choice of a political party headed by a specific candidate.”

He explained that the President must be able to secure a majority of the votes cast, while the office of the Prime Minister should be the candidate who secures the second highest votes in the Presidential election.

“The powers of Prime Minister must be increased and not confined to mere leadership of the Government’s business in the National Assembly. The composition of the cabinet should broadly reflect the votes cast at national elections for various parties,” Hughes explained.

According to him, the members of Cabinet should only be appointed subject to the approval of the national assembly

“A new constitution should envision a cabinet which includes key appointments from the specifically qualified nominees from the political parties in proportion to the votes secured at the National election.”

He went on to explain that the key cabinet posts of Minister of Finance, Attorney General, National security and Home Affairs and Minister of Education with Deputy Ministerial positions shall be alternatively identified and appointed by the President and the Prime Minister.

He suggested that the immunities of the President as set out Article 182 of the Constitution must be reduced.

“The President should be liable for the civilly and criminally liable for any infractions of the laws of the Country conducted during the term of his office. These proceedings however should not instituted against him and or her while he and she occupies the office of President. The same shall apply to the office of Prime Minister.”


  1. andrew u should have used your other new blog name. see what eating too much burnom horse shit does to you? it makes u a pnc attack dog a pnc attack crab dog a pnc attack crab louse.

  2. Afc is doing the right thing.. Guyana is not for collie people alone Indians must not be the only people benefiting in Guyana when the ppp/c learn how to deal with that that is the only time they they’ll ever win in Guyana again for now they need to go and regroup and stop being such a racist party, so long ppp/c see you never, unless you form some coalition government

  3. Isn’t that hypocrisy, they don’t want ppp because the think ppp is corrupted but now the want to join with them. The AFC lost in their own jungle.

  4. hi jai,
    i see that you are a great supporter of govt ,the only true ppp leader has died because the ppl in his party did not live up to what he teach them putting ppl first ,take a look a the wealth they now have in 22yrs you really think they got it from govt salary.they all just making the poor ppl fools

  5. The time you spend in one place everyday,and that is posting crap to yourself ,it would be much better if you and your friend go and do some work, join the armed forces, start protecting your fimily, doing this you can be proud of a proper police force, you do not have to depend on the PNC police according to Gray mouse,,,you hate the negros and will never want them to be incharge of the country, but you spend millions on paying them to secure you and your family,,, the answer you are looking for,first who are you to ask anybody shit like that,,,maby you can tell the nation why all the roads last weeks,just after millions are spent of your tax dollars,, tell the nation who killed Minister Sach Shaw,,and how many lives your government sponserd killing squad led by Roger Khan and company, Are you Jai aware roger and The criminals in Bouxton were friends,,,is proof and facts you want,,,explain why the minister was killed and how come according to your government is was the Bouxton gang,,so who pay them ,,,,

  6. if afc says its willing to work with ppp then their sound bite is to the ears of those stupid whimers and tainers that vote for it…they want back those votes now..its vital for afc ramjattan and nagapooopoo to exist…
    the people will not fall for that crap again..
    afc must first explain what it did to prevent collie from being beaten robbed injured sexually molest ordered by their black colleague nighel hughes..
    afc must explain why they run to linden and bad talk cane cutters.
    afc must explain to the collie at whim and tain why they came there and bad mouth lindeners..
    afc must explain where is the 20 % wage increase for cane cutters..
    afc must explain why lindeners faying 5 $ for electricity use and not cane cutters..
    the people of whim and tain must tell ramjattan and nagapoopoo to haul their ass and go f..k demselves now…they took the votes and surrender it to pnc..
    ramjattan and nagamoottoo is afraid to talk the truth on what nigel hughes ordered on collie people at agricola public road..
    afc ramjattan and nagamoottoo and the big collies like glen lall dem is very much afraind of pnc past so they join pnc..

  7. From 1992 to present, our country remain a democracy,
    I agree there has been and will be problems like in every democracy, but installing Ramjattan as leader how will we be able to protect Mr YUSUF.
    This man Ramjattan is a lawyer but has no respect for court orders, ,and by that he has no respect for his profession.
    Now I regret Jim Jones didn’t meet him

  8. Ramjattan can’t lead no organization, none but this guy is so shameless, .
    I can remember in my Lil boy boy day a friend could not make our softball team , but he devised a way to get to play,
    He would pick a team and elect himself as captain; he’s was a Ramjattan,

  9. Those Judases of the AFC must not be trusted, they knows how to betray with a full belly. Nigel Hughes, Raphel Trotman, and Cathy Hughes must first tell us if/what they know about Hamilton Green involvement in the bombing of Dr. Walter Rodney?
    Guyanese are loving people, but we cannot be in bed with haters, and liars.
    They are lying by saying that the “PPP is an Indian Government”. I ask one of the Paku head if Dr. Roger Luncheon is a collie. Again I ask, Is Minister Whittaker a coolie man? Is Minister Ben a coolie babu ? Is Minister Edgil a coolie man ? Did Paku man say if Prime minister Samuel Hinds is Jaikarrn son? Is Minister Webster Parmanand’s daughter (coolie girl)? etc…… I wonder if Lumumba is just pretending to be black. Of course Kwamme is not a black boy.
    By the way the lying devil said “IT WAS DURING THE PPP/C TIME THAT GOVERNMENT MP CAN BECOME BILLIONAIRES” LIES, LIES, and more LIES from the pit of Hell! The word of God said “satan is the father of all lies”
    I Jai, hereby challenge any/all evil minded to prove it by stating which minister is a billionaire. I really, really would like to meet a billionaire. I don’t want any excuses or fabricated lies; I want proof! “BILLIONAIRES OVER NIGHT”? what?? Which bank is the Minister banking his billion? Answer please !!!

  10. So who will be the Leader of gonoo (Government of National Unity).
    An who will be included in this ‘inclusionary Democracy’?.
    Is everyone not supposed to be included?
    Well I believe gonoo and apnoo will all be gone by this time next year.

  11. So, how do we get rid of that party in a one party state, how do we hold them accountable? I see more corruption and a bigger dictatorship. t least you can get rid of the PPP, PNC, AFC, how do you remove a combination of all when they become a burden?


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