AFC wants Anil Nandlall FIRED! “He has brought the AG’s Office into disrepute”

Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall.


AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan (center), Moses Nagamootoo (right), along with another AFC Member.  [iNews' Photo]
AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan (center), Moses Nagamootoo (right), along with another AFC Member. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) is calling on the President to relieve Attorney General Anil Nandlall of his position immediately so that the integrity of the Office of the Attorney General can be restored.

The Party says it is shocked beyond disbelief at the recent revelations of conversations between a Kaieteur News Reporter and the Attorney General and says it shows that he is wholly unfit to hold the office of Attorney General.

“President Donald Ramotar must demand the immediate resignation of Nandlall  as his  failure to act swiftly on this issue would be an endorsement of such behaviour by persons who represent our country at the highest level in Guyana and internationally,” AFC said in a statement today, Tuesday, October 28.

Yesterday, an almost 20 minute recording between the Attorney General and a Senior Journalist went public and was handed over to the Deputy Police Commissioner by K/News Publisher Glenn Lall, who has interpreted the contents as deadly threats.

To this end, the AFC says it is now clear that its Party, civil society organisations and the citizens of Guyana cannot continue to do business with this Government if it holds persons in the like of Nandlall as its representative.

“Only his immediate resignation could save this country the embarrassment of having one of its highest offices brought further into disrepute and disgrace,” the AFC added.

“In an audio recording released to the public, Nandlall indicates that he has intimate knowledge of an imminent attack on Kaieteur News, one where the very lives of staff of the media house will be endangered,” the statement noted, adding that “this is a very dangerous state of affairs and must be taken seriously. As a leading figure in the system of law and order and an officer of the court, the Attorney General knows he has an obligation to inform the relevant authorities of an impending crime. Failure to do so is an indication of complicity and brings the office of Attorney General in to disrepute.”

The Alliance For Change also called on the Attorney General to share what knowledge he has that makes Kaieteur News a “dangerous place to work” and what he knows of people who “gun just walk with their weapons into that same (expletive) Saffon Street office…”

It is the AFC’s position that Nandlall issued veiled threats against the media house when he spoke of not engaging a ‘Chatree’ in war and pointing to a “change in tempo”.

The Party also expresses alarm at Nandlall’s “derogatory, disrespectful and totally unacceptable sexual” comments in the conversation towards a female reporter in the conduct of her duties.

Attorney  General, Anil Nandlall
Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

“It is clear by the comments that he was prepared to use his influence to entrap this young woman in loose sexual behaviour. This lends credence to growing reports of high ranking members of the Government demanding sexual favours from women in their employ,” the statement added.

The AFC concluded that the level of language filled with expletives, his threats, hints of having knowledge of an impending serious crime and willingness to promote and encourage loose sexual  behaviour are indictments against Anil Nandlall and enough reason why he should be removed from office and cannot stand as a role model for young Guyanese.



  1. You have said it all, Guyana needs cleaning of all the Greed,Crime from top to bottom, and everything that gives this great land of ours a bad name, We all need to stand strong and build Guyana not give it away to the vultures that raping us all. I think we had too much of the same crap all our life time for a change

  2. This is one group of people who has nothing to do but wait for an anti government gossip to jump on. This will divert them away from preaching about the Procurement Commission, at least for a while.

    Mr Trotman, a member of the AFC and Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Guyana should tender his resignation, without delay.

  3. Mr. Ramoutar is a good man but has been advised by some dunces like the Ceo of guysuco. Sad,,,, tut,, tut.Guysuco is worse off than it has ever been, who is to blame?

  4. afc have blood on its hands…
    i will say this in short order..
    afc- nighel hughes-agricola public road- east indians being beaten robbed sexually molested..east indian woman- girls the main target of that sexual assault..ramjatan =silence + nagamoottoo = silence.

  5. I would like ALL MEMBERS of the present government, and all political parties of Guyana to remove themselves either by resignation or migration, so that the INTEGRITY of the Guyanese people can be restored!


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