AFC urges Gov’t to provide money to fix Mahdia Road

The current state of the Mahdia Road.
The current state of the Mahdia Road.

[]The Alliance For Change (AFC) is urging the government to provide money to fix the deplorable Mahdia road and is expecting that the 2014 National Budget will provide sufficient funds for such. According to the AFC, the present condition of the road is most appalling especially in the rainy season.

“The 2013 Budget did not provide sufficient funds to rehabilitate the road.  It is unconscionable that for a Region that contributes as much to the national coffers as Region Eight, its residents have to put up with a road as bad as the one they have. The Government while boasting of the growth in the economy and the record gold production should put back some of that money into the Region whose resources are being plundered,” the AFC said.

In addition, the AFC is urging the Local Government Minister to cooperate with the Regional Democratic Council and heed the call of the Council to have the Regional Executive Officer removed.

“The REO’s non-cooperative attitude has stymied the efforts of the RDC to bring development to the Region and as a result the people are suffering.”

The minority political party noted that the Chairman of the RDC, Mark Crawford has repeatedly written the Local Government Minister citing numerous instances where the REO has been less than professional, but, to date, the Minister has failed to see the wisdom of ensuring Region Eight has an REO who is committed to the development of the Region.

“It seems that since losing control of the Region to the AFC the PPPC Government through the Ministry of Local Government and its appointed REO, has been punishing the people of Region Eight for voting the way they did in 2011.”



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