AFC sheds light on Government’s “under-hand, spineless strategy”



By Kurt Campbell

AFC Parliamentarians, Cathy Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo at the press conference, today, Thursday November 06. [iNews' Photo]
AFC Parliamentarians, Cathy Hughes and Moses Nagamootoo at the press conference, today, Thursday November 06. [iNews’ Photo]
[]–Alliance for Change (AFC) Executive Member, Moses Nagamootoo says President Donald Ramotar’s announcement that he will dissolve/prorogue Parliament, should the Opposition push ahead with a vote of no – confidence in his administration, is most disingenuous and cunning and shows his desperation to extend his minority rule.

Nagamootoo, who once served with the President as a member of the governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP), told a news conference today (November 06) that the strategy being employed by the Head of State, to avoid the no confidence motion, is a “spineless” and “devious” one that will result in extra parliamentary dictatorship.

He explained that once the President moves to prorogue Parliament, it will automatically give him six months in which he can continue to run as President without Parliament or calling elections.

Nagamootoo said after six months, the President either has the option of reconvening Parliament or calling elections within four months. The former PPP member fears that this will give the administration a total of 10 months to “dip their fingers further into the treasury” which the AFC has repeatedly protested against its abuse.

“It’s a devious plan of the Donald Ramotar administration,” the AFC Executive told reporters; adding that “only a government that is frighten of its own people would suspend Parliament.”

He said the PPP is aware of its abuse of the public purse and that the electorate has lost confidence in the administration for that reason, exclaiming that “it is time the PPP be made to confront its atrocities and face the no confidence motion or dissolve Parliament.”

Nagamootoo has warned the government, which he believes has all intention to dodge the motion, that it will not disappear and that with the support of the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – there is all intention to proceed with it when the House convenes for its first post recess sitting on Monday, November 10.

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

He anticipates that the “cowardly” government will seek to prorogue the Parliament when he attempts to move the motion in the House on Monday. Nagamootoo is the AFC Member in whose name the motion is being piloted.

“The government is running like a dog chasing its own tail,” Nagamootto said even as he cautioned the administration that “in politics everything has a cause and effect.”

While trying not to let too much out of the bag, Nagamootoo said the AFC and APNU is meeting tomorrow, Friday, November 07 to refine its strategy and tactic that will be employed on Monday to ensure that the motion sees the “fresh air of the still living Parliament.”


  1. imagine mr. moses nagamootoo bbm [berbice bridge millionaire] talking about people dipping their finger into the treasury? what a barefaced fella is this man mr . moses nagamootoo bbm [berbice bridge millionaire]! what about the twenty million taken from the Chinese contractor for the airport extension project? is that money done already?

  2. They need to fired Bugga Raphael, He was a bugga man since drinking with Johnny sr at that Brazilian pub.

    Afc as no integrity its aplauding how young Johnny expose them. He should run for LGE.

  3. A Governor General is what will make Guyana the land it should be, like under the big bad LFSB water was running in my 3story home , and as a kid i played in the ally ways from Bourda to Queenstown , they did not have 5 million spent to clean the stink city cause you did not have to clean the city, its was don, now 2014 cock,,roaches like gray only can talk about indian in every topic, like if guyana is india, you indian chief cock,,roach why so many of your kind bost how good the PPP doing fo U country but all of u spending thousands of US dollars to go side track and back trac to US & Canada,, why you dont stay and keep voting for the PPP, all of them like you should line up and take the same money and go India, the millions that this PPP say they spending why when you take a sh,,,t you cant flush it, Rain set up u flood, but you all building big house, is basic things make a country and its people happy, every spit come out this cock,,roach mouth is indian, i feel you pain but, nothing going on in Guyana other than Drugs,Crime, and nuff like you gray killing u self ,,even when we had nothing but rice flower and nuff lines we did not kill we self like now,

  4. Before the 1980 Constitution, the proroguing of Parliament was one of the responsibilities of the Governor-General, who was also responsible for all the Service Commissions, with wide ranging authority to hire and fire. Forbes Burnham had those responsibilities incorporated into Executive Presidency duties in the 1980 Constitution, which the PPP condemned but now enjoys. This is why the PPP is the reincarnation of the PNC, only is the worse format!

  5. Nagapoopoo talk no one listens…their main money doner want his own president installed but nat gona happen…Nagapakoo should talk about how Jagan dead and leff country for he to run..Nagapakoo must run up to Whim now and tell de collie people dat vote fu he last time dat he will not allow Nighell to unleash terror on east indians again ..come on nagapakoo go talk//

  6. moses, why are you in bed with the pnc (apnu)? you sound as though you have no spine. why is it that the afc cannot stand and fight for itself ? the world is watching how deprave the AFC are.


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