AFC Resignations: We stand on the side of Principle – Party’s Chairman

Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes
Chairman of the AFC, Nigel Hughes

[]Following a number of resignations which has hit the Alliance for Change (AFC) in the span of two weeks, the Party’s Chairman, Nigel Hughes said that the detractors list continues to grow.

In its first public statement since the resignations of at least four of its members, the AFC Chairman said, “Despite a growing list of detractors, we have, with the help of you, our supporters, overcome great odds to create history in the Caribbean. The AFC remains cohesive and committed to the struggle for a better Guyana.”

Those that recently resigned and has since joined the main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) –Tarron Khemraj, Rab Mukraj and Asquith Rose.

The first resignation was from Dr. Shamir Andrew Ally, who was associated with the New York, AFC Chapter, following a bitter dispute.

“While the party is disappointed with how the issue was handled we remain focused and dedicated to the struggle for the true democratization of Guyana,” Hughes said.

Some of the AFC members were dissatisfied after the Party decided at the last minute to support legislation for the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. However, AFC in its statement noted, “significant gains have been made both in the National Assembly and in the hearts and minds of Guyanese. While there have been some expected vocal criticisms from some political corners, all across Guyana the people have recognized and commended the AFC for standing on the side of principle and in the best interest of all Guyanese. The AFC stands for a Guyana which is just, fair and offers everyone an equal opportunity to participate equally in a nation’s development.”



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