AFC protests US Embassy; calls for Gov’t Ministers’ Visas to be revoked


By Fareeza Haniff

AFC Protest[] – Some members of the Alliance For Change (AFC) took to the streets on Friday, January 16, protesting in front of the United States Embassy, Kingston Georgetown, calling for the visas of government ministers to be revoked.

Executive Members of the AFC, Michael Carrington told Reporters that the People’s Progressive Party government is violating the rights of the constitution and the people of Guyana and as such, the US should revoke their visas.

“We are calling on the US embassy to remove visas from all government officers. We think they are violating the constitution, they are violating the rights of the people and as such we think their visas should be removed. There is unjust to the people of Guyana.”

Additionally, Columnist Freddie Kissoon, who supported the AFC’s protest, called on the ABC countries to implement sanctions against the government for proroguing Guyana’s Parliament.

“The time has come for the ABC Countries – America, Britain and Canada to act against this government. We will like to remind the US embassy that one of its Ambassadors, Bullen had used VISA as a democratic weapon of sanction.

“What we have is the ABC countries literally saying that democracy has been weakened with the prorogation of Parliament. So it’s time now for them to act,” Kissoon said.

The Columnist also called on the Opposition Political Parties to up its ante against the administration.

“With the New Year ahead, the Christmas season is gone, we think it’s time the Opposition step up action on all fronts.”



  1. You right, the TRUTH, I hope you can take the truth when the elections results are out,, do not hold your breath

  2. Even if the US embassy would have to grant me a visa. It would not prevent me from speaking about the oppositions illiterate actions and decision which will in the long do harm in the future to the guyanese citizen.

  3. You are one of the many who shout PPP but enjoy Your vacation not in berbice but in NY or canada stay in your shit and give up your visa, why when barrat sick he dont go to india of GPHC take all them and they family visas away

  4. Out of the handful of protestors holding up placards (one is holding a page from an exercise book) it appears none of them know the meaning of “democracy”. In Guyana you are free to stand up and waste as much time as you want. That is your democratic right. This pappy show is so timed because these losers know the President will soon announce a date for National Elections. These “attention deficit” hit-or-miss placard holders are only looking for kudos.

    “Additionally, Columnist Freddie Kissoon, who supported the AFC’s protest, called on the ABC countries to implement sanctions against the government for proroguing Guyana’s Parliament.”

    Is this the “professor” who said he taught HE President Ramotar??? Guyana is infested with fakes.

  5. What you are hoping for is a good example of how discriminating the political opposition would be if they were to ever hold power. This is they main reason why Ramjattan cried when his buddy friend Badal heard that he would get competition, instead of encouraging Badal to be more Business proactive. He also cried when his Client didn’t won the bid for the speciality hospital. He supported the hospital until his Client lost the bid. It was because of his poor Performance as the legal Adviser he wanted the whole country to suffer including you, Andrew. The US will not adhere to the opposition because it would break good diplomatic relations with Guyana. The moment the US does that the government could immediately revoke the visa of all the US citizen working in Guyana. The trade agreements would be severed and the country economy would collapse. The is what the opposition wants. The want guyanese to start eat rice flour again.

  6. That protest is a good example to what people would expect if the AFC is to rule the country. The AFC wants to kill the constitutional rights of government ministers, who are also regular citizens of guyana. If they are successfully in carrying out this task then under their governance, guyanese should expect a dictatorship. This reckless behaviour of the AFC is a signal that describes their uncultivated construction and their continued effort to destroy the developments of Guyana and it’s people.

  7. If they were doing nothing, i will give them my blessings, I am hoping that all the ministers family and friends pay the price for a bunch of ungreatful ppl, sorry fo maga dog and maga dog turn round bite ya, it would also be nice for the embercy to give visas to every other nation other than the ppl who flock to get then,lets see what support the PPP will have when the very die hard baboos, cant go america and canada, and they the US and Canada should deport all of them who in Liberty and Richmon hill living happy and off the very ppl they trying to bull shit ,,lets see how many of the PPP support will line up outside the Indian embercy ,,its going to be a big joke ,,just listen to the half dead fool nasty lunch onions ,,he is as nasty as his apparence ,,just a good example of what kind of government the ppl of guyana have ,,

  8. be very careful when digging holes..diggers might fall in…in american politics they say your today friend in your tomorrow was us and uk friend for 28 years..its time for them to install their friend to impose on guyanese again since guyana is pulling away from antman andrew will agree


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