AFC looking to challenge legality of $3B loan


By Jomo Paul

[] – The Alliance For Change today confirmed that it is looking to legally challenge a recent $3B loan from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CHPA).

AFC Executive Member, Michael Carrington at a small protest in front of GGMC’s Brickdam office on Tuesday, February 03 said the Party does not believe the funds will be used to develop the housing sector but rather go into the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic’s elections machinery.

During an interview with iNews, he related that the Commission was not established to be a bank or a lending agency and the AFC will be looking at those areas when it brings legal action against the Commission and Commissioners.

It was noted that at present, the Party is examining the law that governs GGMC.

“The Commissioners have become corrupt,” Carrington said and are now behaving in a manner that would lead persons to believe that they are “stooges of the PPP.”

“We need to see the Commissioners, all of them go.

Meanwhile, according to social activist, Freddie Kissoon who was also a part of the protest action, it is “NICIL all over again, in which taxpayers money was siphoned off…”

He contended that based on his research, the GGMC does not have the legal ability to transfer monies to the CH&PA directly but however would have to do so through the National Assembly and consolidated fund.

“This money cannot be transferred to the ministry of housing directly, it has to go to the consolidated fund,” said Kissoon.

On Monday, Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali sought to defend claims by the political opposition that the $3B loan from the GGMC for the housing sector is an ‘election gimmick’.

During a telephone interview with iNews, Minister Ali explained that the money secured from the GGMC will be used to further develop the already thriving housing sector.

Additionally, Ali noted that the position taken by the Opposition comes as a surprise since plans to develop the sector was made public and discussed in the National Assembly.



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