AFC insists that Chinese must be penalised for dumping dangerous waste

Employees dumping the waste behind the Hotel.


Employees dumping the waste behind the Hotel.
Employees dumping the waste behind the Hotel.

[] – The Alliance for Change (AFC) has called for appropriate sanctions against Shanghai Construction Group; the company building the Marriot Hotel in light of revelations that their employees dumped environmentally hazardous waste into the Atlantic Ocean, just off the Kingston construction site.

Atlantic Hotel Inc. (AHI), owner of the Georgetown Marriott Hotel admitted in a media release that labourers employed by the construction group had disposed “of the contents of three barrels of cement retardant material, which were in storage pending removal from the site as expired material.”  

“The dumping of waste oil into the Atlantic Ocean is dangerous to the environment and would affect ecological systems along the coastline. Marine life and seagulls would be among the first to be affected,” the Party pointed out.

According to AFC, the actions of the construction company shows total disregard for Guyana’s natural environment and must stop immediately.

“Investigations must be carried out to determine how long this has been going on and the company must be held liable. Appropriate measures and penalties must be applied so that this does not continue and to deter others,” the AFC release added.

AFC urged too that, in addition, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment must take steps to ensure a thorough clean-up of the area and all costs for such an exercise must be borne by the construction company.

AHI says it has instituted measures through its site administration to prevent the repetition of this and is fully cooperating with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose team visited the site immediately following the publication of the report in the media.



  1. When compared to BP and EXXON VALDEZ which spill millions of barrels of oil, AFC is making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    We know that Mr Ramjattan is not kind and is Marriott unfriendly. I will challenge Mr Ramjattan to show a picture of a single gull which is caught by this made up ‘mammoth oil’ slick! Also MR Ramjattan must know that mother nature takes care of itself. Do you know that BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was also eaten up by microbes Sir?
    No one should pollute I agree. Guyanese awareness in this field lacks. There must be some form of compensation and those employees responsible should be fired.
    The AFC seems to be the ACE for whining and NIMBY. HOODWINKING is a trademark.

  2. AFC from day one dont want the hotel Marriott…why?
    Hotel Pegasus owner is a major financial donor of AFC and paid big money to stop the hotel Marriott from even getting off the ground..
    Mark my words this days:
    When the hiring starts:
    AFC and PNC will ensure they get their people are employed.
    They will then try to stink up Marriott but even placing roach and mice and lice in there then AFC and PNC installed so called visitors will cry out loud by talking photos of these nasty things placed there and take it directly to Kaieteur News Boss and the rest will be history.
    Just like how they stink up and damaged KFC and Pizza Hut brand causing its shut down.
    Its amazing that two tourists saw them dumping.
    The two tourists hid with their cameras in waiting.
    The took the proof directly to Kaieteur News…it has to be a wow..
    The tourists did not go to Stabber News-Chonic News- iNews no other news…
    Mooklall i tell ya have his people creeping all over de place looking for bad stuff so as to pelt some serious lash pon PPP.
    is a good ting they ent get to dump all..
    when mooklall dem de building their mansions and big business places no one caught dem where they were dumping their dump..amazing huh..


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