AFC demands Oct. 16 for no confidence motion debate

Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

( – The Alliance for Change (AFC) has this afternoon written to the Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs demanding that the no confidence motion against the government be debated on October 16.

AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo
AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo

In a letter from the mover of the motion, Moses Nagamootoo to the Clerk and posted on the party’s General Secretary ‎David Patterson’s Facebook page, the AFC is insisting that its motion be given priority above all other business. 

According to the letter:  “Now that the National Assembly has come out from recess…I’m kindly asking that you place the aforesaid Motion on the Order Paper as a matter of priority to take precedence over all other business of the House for debate at the earliest Sitting that I expect to be on Thursday, the 16th day of October, 2014.”

This development comes hours after both the Clerk of the National Assembly and the main opposition party – APNU ‎-  told iNews that no date has been fixed for a sitting. However, the parliamentary management committee is due to meet next Wednesday to set a date for the post-recess sitting. 

Today’s letter by the AFC is reportedly generating ” some level of uneasiness in the joint opposition” according to an APNU insider, who said the Party was unaware of the AFC’s letter being dispatched this evening.  


  1. T…the afc is not only an arm of pnc..the afc from day one proved to be a racist political party…trotman choose Chantal Smith to be in parliament for salary only over Gomattie Singh..then get acid thrown in her face for speaking out abouth what went down in afc..then..the blacks in afc were trying to put back tratman in front of ramjattan second time around..they wanted to rule out leadership rotation in afc..people had to talk about it then the blacks take boo boo out their eye after getting caught and let jattan lead..nigel hughes unleashed his thugs on east indians on agricola public road beating them robbing them sexually molesting them..ramjattan and nagamoottoo dare not say a word against their afc / pnc comrade if not they know their fate would be sealed too..

  2. The irony of this is that the biggest loser will be A F C. They are not the independent paty that we expected them to be. A F C is an arm of the PNC.

  3. jon:: de old babboo nah ah request…de old babboo ah demand..dis ah him lastbig dace suh him waan look like vicious pitbull..laas big tango fi de crooked eye bana too..all dem know it too well..

  4. First thing, right IPnuFCootoo?
    You only have 7% of votes. You should be the last to request anything.
    How about Ebola for the first thing?

  5. by de way meh fellow blaggas, ahyuh notice de maan face in de picha? de whole thing is a mek up xpressian foh fool de public dat he passionate about de intress a de .country .but de only ting passion maan moses [always vex ;fake passion] vex about is because janet na gie am de presidency.he try foh fool she dat cheddie carry he up some mountain up a rupununi,rub some kokrit ile pan he mole and whispa in he aays hole ‘bie, yuh can be wan president.’ poor passion maan moses[ always vex;fake passion]feel dat jus like how he a fool heself ,he can everybody. but people na suh stupid as yuh tink.

  6. passian maan moses[always vex;fake passian] gon get weh he looking fah. meh faada used to say ‘maan weh get too much passion can’t fight. passion maan moses[always vex ;fake passion] want foh mek histree suh he can’t wait . he anxious fuh goh fight up in parliament as de fuss maan weh bring no-confidence in dis country. fight up passion maan moses[alwaysvex; fake passion] fight up. but yuh gon gat foh tek wah yuh get when de election come.

  7. these are a bunch of clowns….this is how they want to rule..tratman gat it in he power to do the parliamentry thing just like he the power to tower over a 12 year old child.


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